20 little things that make a woman more sexy


1. Confidence
A woman with confidence in herself radiates and calls out for admiration.

2. Well-moisturized lips
Let your lips not be dry. Use lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick or naturally keep your lips nourished. Your sexiness is incomplete if he doesn’t get distracted by your lips.

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3. Intelligent conversations
This will excite a grown man. Yes, as you talk serious stuff he will find you sexy.

4. Don’t put others down
Don’t bad mouth other people, a woman who does so shows just how insecure she is and how low she thinks of herself. A hater is not sexy nor attractive.

5. Dress your body size
Big or small, curvy or lean, tall or short; dress your body like the beauty it is. Look good, he will notice and hunt you, wondering what is under your good dressing. Be an eye candy.

6. Talk with your eyes
Master the art of pulling a man with your eyes. Maintain eye contact, be expressive, show your subtle power.

7. Smile more
It keeps the man hooked on exploring you, he reads it as you telling him “Hmm, you are good, come and get me!”

8. Have a pleasant personality
You may have a gorgeous body, but if your personality stinks, a man will avoid you or fantasize about you but never want to have you, desire your physical nature but avoid you as a person.

9. Smell good
You will be hugged more and cuddled more; plus you will leave a scented memory on your man when you leave. His nose is an important sensual organ.

10. Laugh, really laugh
Don’t hold back your laughter; if you are tickled, laugh. Stop trying to be rigid and pretty about your laughter, relax in his presence.

One of the memories a man constantly thinks of is his woman laughing, it makes him feel intimate with her; the more a man feels closer with you the higher your sex appeal.

11. Don’t be cheap
Know the difference between trashy and sexy.

12. Show the right amount of skin
Don’t be too desperate for attention. A woman who knows she is hot doesn’t struggle.

True style doesn’t shout, show the right amount of skin to tease and arouse the man’s imagination.

13. Walk with a purpose
It tells the man how powerful you are. Queens are powerful. A man gets turned on by a powerful woman, why the low self-esteem?

14. Avoid curse words and bitter utterances
A toxic mouth is rarely found kissable

15. Invest in lingerie
You dress well when you step out of the house, dress well for your hubby inside the house

16. Take care of your hair
Make sure your weave or braids is good and well-maintained, no stench. If you have natural hair, keep it nourished so that he will love to run his hair through it.

17. Know how to touch
A woman’s touch melts a man, drown him with your feminine sensations.

18. Use your voice and speech
It’s in not only what you say but how you say it, how you whisper in his ears, how you talk to him intimately, how you breathe close to him. Your man is listening.

19. Your extra sexiness
There is a sexiness unique to you; perhaps how you dance, how you bend to pick up stuff or do house chores, how you recline on the sofa, how you tilt your head when you talk, how you move your waist, how you turn to look at him.

Be aware of this and use it to excite him. Your man is watching, men are visual. He may not tell you but he is studying you. And when he praises something you are doing, keep doing it.

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20. Be a tease
Exclusively flirt with him, lead him on, be playful, be naughty, be cheeky, be suggestive. Call him out to play.

Lady, remember that the right man will bring out your sexiness, you will discover new things about you when with him, you will feels sexy and exude sexiness effortlessly.

But also remember you have a role to play to stay sexy, any woman who loves her man enjoys stimulating him, it makes her feel good about herself!

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