15 Benefits of sleeping next to the one you love

1. You get to share warmth.

2. The most intimate and personal conversations happen in bed, head on pillow. You two will get to know each other deepest there.

3. People are most real in bed.

No make up, no trying to look polished for the world. In bed, everything is raw and vulnerable, you see each other for who you really are.

4. It makes you two reconcile quicker.

It is difficult to share a bed with someone you are angry with, you make up faster because you share a bed.

5. It is wonderful that the one you love is the last visual you have before you close your eyes to sleep, and the first you see when you wake up.

6. It is a sign of trust.

You trust your spouse and that’s why you can close your eyes and feel safe in the privacy of your bedroom.

7. In case of nightmares, you can kiss and comfort each other with a cuddle. In case of sweet dreams, you can narrate it as you kiss.

8. Making love to your spouse is made simple and easily accessible, your spouse is within reach.

9. One of the most amazing view is to see the one you love sleeping.

10. A warm marital bed means the entire home will reflect the warmth. Sleeping on the same bed builds the love you have for each other.

11. When the bed at home is warm and peaceful, the temptation to share a bed outside with another or to be unfaithful is non-existent.

12. A wise lady never chases her hubby from the bed when she is mad at him, she knows that the more he is pushed away from their bed, the further they grow apart.

13. A wise man always makes sure the bed is a haven of intimacy and love for his wife.

For if it is not well for her in bed, nothing will be well. If her head lays on the pillow hurting and she struggles to sleep, the whole house will be dull. A loved up wife brightens the home.

14. The most kissing between couples happens in bed. Kissing is good for your love.

15. No matter how cozy a bed is, it becomes special because you share it with the one you love; whether that bed is the one at home or the one you two get to sleep on in a hotel when on a holiday or vacation.

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