Vijana Barubaru – Passionate Pages EP Album

Vijana Barubaru - Passionate Pages EP Album

Kenyan musicians Mshairi Spikes and Tuku Kantu, collectively known as the duo “Vijana Barubaru” and highly regarded in the global Afro-Pop scene, have recently released a new extended playlist album titled “Passionate Pages.”

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The “Passionate Pages” EP by Vijana Barubaru, featuring tracks like “If Wishes Were Horses,” “Liwe Liwalo,” and “Butterflies,” showcases the duo’s unique blend of poetry and music, deeply rooted in the Afro-Pop scene.

This collection marks a significant chapter in their musical journey, blending traditional Bongo Flava elements with modern production to create a vibrant and infectious sound that resonates well with East African music lovers. Each track within the EP demonstrates the duo’s evolving musical style, celebrating various themes from aspirations and resilience to love and empowerment​​​​​​.

Vijana Barubaru – Passionate Pages EP Album

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