Mr. Eazi – The Evil Genius Album

Listen to Mr. Eazi - The Evil Genius Album

The much-anticipated solo album from the international sensation, Mr. Eazi, presents a fresh and dynamic reintroduction to the artist of Nigerian origin. In contrast to his typically cheerful sound, “The Evil Genius” takes us on a personal journey through Eazi’s life during the past few years, expressed through a diverse range of musical styles including reggae, gospel, highlife, and Afropop.

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This musical growth is evident as he delves into themes of grief, depression, politics, and love, all while retaining hints of his signature playful style. Each track is accompanied by a unique visual piece created by artists from across Africa, commissioned by the singer-songwriter himself. These visuals encapsulate the essence of each song, transforming “The Evil Genius” into not just an album, but an exhibition of Mr. Eazi’s life. He states, “This album is not merely a music album; it’s a work of art meant to be showcased in museums and galleries.”

Listen to Mr. Eazi – The Evil Genius Album

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