Rema Releases Sophomore Album ‘HEIS’

Rema Drops New Single ‘Hehehe’

Rema elevates the Afrobeats scene with his second studio album, ‘HEIS.’ Following his first album, Rave & Roses, Rema cements his status as a pivotal figure in Afrobeats. The album arrives amid concerns about the genre’s vitality, showcasing Rema’s innovative blend of sounds that push Afrobeats into new territories.

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HEIS‘ features 11 tracks that merge various musical explorations with traditional Afrobeats, hinting at the future direction of the genre. The album predominantly highlights Rema’s unique sound, featuring minimal collaborations to emphasize his artistic individuality.

Rema – HEIS Album
  1. Rema – MARCH AM
  2. Rema – Azaman
  3. Rema – Hehehe
  4. Rema – Yayo
  5. Rema – BENIN BOYS Ft. Shallipopi
  6. Rema – HEIS
  7. Rema – Ozeba
  8. Rema – War Machine Ft OdumoduBlvck
  9. Rema – EGUNGUN
  10. Rema – Villain
  11. Rema – Now I Know

Listen to HEIS HERE

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