Obby Alpha – Bora Kumshuru Full Album

Obby Alpha is a gospel musician and minister known for his impactful and spiritually uplifting music. He has a significant following, especially in East Africa, and is recognized for his dedication to spreading the message of faith and hope through his songs. Obby Alpha collaborates with various other gospel artists, bringing a diverse and rich sound to his music.

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Obby Alpha’s album “Bora Kumshukuru Mungu” is a comprehensive collection of gospel songs that reflect his dedication to faith, worship, and gratitude. The album includes various tracks that feature collaborations with other gospel artists, each contributing to the overall theme of thanking God and celebrating His goodness.

Obby Alpha - Bora Kumshuru Full Album MP3 DOWNLOAD
Obby Alpha – Bora Kumshuru Full Album MP3 DOWNLOAD
Obby Alpha – Bora Kumshuru Full Album MP3 DOWNLOAD
  1. Obby Alpha – Bora Kushukuru
  2. Obby Alpha – Kama si Wewe
  3. Obby Alpha – Baba mwema
  4. Obby Alpha Ft Walter Chilambo – Mnasubiri Nife
  5. Obby Alpha Ft Guardian Angel – Pigana na Mungu
  6. Obby Alpha Ft Bella Kombo – Amenikumbuka
  7. Obby Alpha – Usimuamini Mtu
  8. Obby Alpha Ft Japhet Zabron & Victor Maestro – Haikuwa Rahisi
  9. Obby Alpha – Nisaidie
  10. Obby Alpha – Niokoe
  11. Obby Alpha – Waite
  12. Obby Alpha – Happy
  13. Obby Alpha – Amka
  14. Obby Alpha – Umenitendea
  15. Obby Alpha – Umebaki Wewe

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