Rick Ross Jokingly Blames Drake After Private Jet Crash-Lands in Dallas

Rick Ross Jokingly Blames Drake After Private Jet Crash-Lands in Dallas

Rozay had a close call on his recent flight. After playfully roasting Drake over his private jet, Rick Ross’s own plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Dallas, Texas.

The exact cause of the incident remains unclear, but photos from the scene captured the jet—proudly branded with Ross’s name—resting on a grassy area. Fortunately, Ross emerged unscathed, with reports confirming that he walked away unharmed. The images, shared on social media by the X (formerly Twitter) account Keep6ixSolid, showed the aftermath and carried a caption that poked fun at Ross’s history as a former correctional officer. “The retired Miami government employee and current cosplayer walked away unharmed because the wing stopped the plane.”

The news quickly spread, with DJ Akademiks sharing well wishes to Ross. But the most notable response came from Drake himself, who liked the post confirming his long-time collaborator’s safety. The Toronto rapper and Rozay had been engaged in a playful feud, exchanging barbs about age and airplane quality. After his safe landing, Ross took to Instagram Stories with a humorous caption, “Drake fighter jet shot us down!”

Despite their recent jabs, the two have a long-standing history of collaboration and camaraderie. Drake once cited Ross as his favorite rapper to work with, a sentiment expressed during his It’s All a Blur tour in 2023. While their lighthearted rivalry continues to entertain fans, this close call is a reminder of the brotherhood behind the banter.

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