Diddy Apologizes Over Leaked Video of Assault on Cassie

Diddy Apologizes Over Leaked Video of Assault on Cassie

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has issued a heartfelt apology after footage emerged showing him assaulting his former girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. The video, obtained by CNN, depicts the rapper, 54, kicking, dragging, and throwing an object at Cassie in a hotel hallway.

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Several celebrities, including 50 Cent and Emily Ratajkowski, have condemned Diddy’s actions, with Ratajkowski calling him a ‘monster.’ After two days of silence, Diddy finally addressed the incident.

In a somber video shared on social media, Diddy reflected on his past actions: “It’s so difficult to reflect on the darkest times in your life, but sometimes you’ve gotta do that. I was f***ed up. I hit rock bottom. But I make no excuses. My behavior in that video is inexcusable. I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Diddy continued, “I’m disgusted. I was disgusted then when I did it, I’m disgusted now. I sought professional help, started therapy, and went to rehab. I had to ask God for His mercy and grace. I’m so sorry. But, I’ve committed to being a better man, each and every day. I’m not asking for forgiveness, I’m truly sorry.”

Cassie’s husband, Alex Fine, also shared a powerful message on social media, condemning men who hit women and those who enable such behavior. The video appears to match an incident described in Cassie’s 2016 lawsuit, which claimed Diddy punched her in the face, giving her a black eye.

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Cassie’s lawyer, Douglas H. Wigdor, stated, “The gut-wrenching video has only further confirmed the disturbing and predatory behavior of Mr. Combs. Words cannot express the courage and fortitude that Ms. Ventura has shown in coming forward to bring this to light.”

Despite the video’s damning evidence, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced that the assault could not be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations. They urged anyone who has been a victim or witness to a crime to report it to law enforcement or seek support from their Bureau of Victim Services.

Diddy has also been named in several other sexual abuse lawsuits, and his properties in Los Angeles and Miami were recently raided by federal authorities in connection with a sex trafficking investigation.

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