Cassie Set to Embark on Music Tour Following Settlement of $30M Lawsuit with Diddy

Cassie Set to Embark on Music Tour Following Settlement of $30M Lawsuit with Diddy

American singer Cassie is gearing up for a musical tour following the settlement of her $30 million federal lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. The lawsuit, which accused Diddy of trafficking, rape, and abuse over a decade, was settled quickly, with both parties announcing an agreement the day after the suit was filed.

Despite the settlement, Diddy faces further legal challenges as more women have come forward with allegations against him, including a recent claim involving a gang rape.

Meanwhile, Cassie is moving forward with her career. Ryan Leslie, a songwriter and music producer who has worked with Cassie in the past, disclosed that she is planning a series of concerts. Leslie, who dated Cassie in the mid-2000s and has maintained contact with her, shared that their last conversation revolved around her tour plans.

Their interaction mostly occurred around 2017, following the death of their mutual manager, Ed Woods. When asked by TMZ if he ever felt Cassie was in danger from Diddy during their collaboration, Leslie indicated that any issues between Cassie and Diddy occurred after their professional relationship had ended.

In response to the settlement with Cassie, Diddy’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, stated that settling the lawsuit does not imply any admission of wrongdoing. Brafman emphasized that Diddy’s decision to settle was not a concession of the allegations and expressed his client’s happiness about reaching a mutual agreement, wishing Cassie the best for her future endeavors.

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