Queen Latifah’s Wife: Is She Married to Eboni Nichols?

Queen Latifah's Wife

Queen Latifah, known for her versatile talent in the entertainment industry, has been in a long-standing relationship with Eboni Nichols, a professional choreographer. This relationship, marked by mutual respect and shared passion for the arts, has been a significant part of Latifah’s life.

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Who is Queen Latifah’s Wife?

Eboni Nichols, while not officially Latifah’s wife, is a prominent figure in her life. Nichols is a successful choreographer who has worked with notable figures in the music industry and contributed to various television shows.

How Old is Queen Latifah’s Wife?

Eboni Nichols is believed to be in her 40s, though her exact age is not publicly disclosed.


Nichols is an alumnus of Chapman University in Southern California, where she pursued her passion for dance and theater, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


Nichols’ career in choreography is distinguished. She started as an L.A. Lakers Girl, and her impressive skills in dance and choreography led her to work with celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Usher. Her notable contributions include choreographing for TV shows like “Jane the Virgin” and “Fresh Off the Boat.”

Queen Latifah’s Wife

Queen Latifah and Eboni Nichols have not officially married but have been in a committed relationship since 2013.

How Did They Meet?

Their paths crossed in 2009 on the set of “Dancing with the Stars,” marking the beginning of their relationship.

When Did They Get Married?

There is no record of an official marriage between Queen Latifah and Eboni Nichols.

Do They Have Kids?

Yes, in 2019, Queen Latifah and Eboni Nichols welcomed a child, a baby named Rebel.

How Long Have They Been Together?

Their relationship spans over a decade, having started officially in 2013.

What Made Queen Latifah Famous?

Queen Latifah’s fame came from her successful career as a rapper, actress, and producer. She debuted in the music industry in 1989 and later transitioned into acting, where she earned critical acclaim.

What is Eboni Nichols Known For?

Eboni Nichols is renowned in the entertainment industry for her choreography, having worked on several high-profile projects in television and with music artists.

What Does Eboni Nichols Do for a Living?

Eboni Nichols is a professional choreographer, contributing to various areas of the entertainment industry.


The relationship between Queen Latifah and Eboni Nichols is a testament to their shared love for the arts and personal privacy. Despite being public figures, they have maintained a private and enduring partnership.

FAQs about Eboni Nichols
  1. What is Eboni Nichols’ educational background? She has a B.F.A. in Theatre and Dance from Chapman University.
  2. How did Eboni Nichols start her career? She began as a Laker Girl before moving into professional choreography.
  3. What shows has Eboni Nichols choreographed? Notably, she worked on “Jane the Virgin” and “Fresh Off the Boat.”
  4. What is Eboni Nichols’ relationship with Queen Latifah? They have been in a committed relationship since 2013.
  5. Do Queen Latifah and Eboni Nichols have children? Yes, they welcomed a son named Rebel in 2019.

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