Pastor Ezekiel Odero Says God Told Him He’d Die in February

Pastor Ezekiel Odero Says God Told Him He'd Die in February

In a recent sermon that captivated his congregation, Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Prayer Centre and Church, shared a profound vision he received from God. Pastor Ezekiel revealed that God had foretold his death in February 2024. This divine communication, he recounted, felt akin to the prophetic encounters narrated in the Bible, marking a moment of deep spiritual significance.

Pastor Ezekiel’s encounter with God came after a monumental event in his ministry—a mega crusade in Kitengela, which, according to him, played a pivotal role in altering the course of his fate. He shared that the impact of this crusade was so significant that it influenced God’s decision to spare his life, a testament to the power of faith and devotion.

The pastor’s revelation about his expected demise in February and the subsequent decision not to organize any crusade during that month underscores his profound belief in the prophecy. He believed so deeply in the message he received from God that he made tangible changes to his plans, demonstrating his unwavering faith.

In a touching moment of candor, Pastor Ezekiel shared that he confided this prophecy only to his wife, Sarah, who played a supportive role in this spiritual journey. This narrative not only highlights the pastor’s deep connection with the divine but also his human side, as he navigates the complexities of life and faith.

Pastor Ezekiel’s story is a compelling reminder of the mysterious ways in which faith operates, bridging the divine with the earthly and showcasing the power of belief in shaping one’s destiny. His experience, marked by divine prophecy and deep personal conviction, continues to inspire many, demonstrating the profound impact of spiritual leadership and the unpredictable journey of faith.

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