Anthony Martial First Wife: Samantha Jacquelinet’s Story

Anthony Martial First Wife

Discover the story of Samantha Jacquelinet, the first wife of Anthony Martial, renowned French footballer. This article explores the life of Samantha, shedding light on her background, her journey with Martial, and her own individual path beyond their marriage.

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Who is Anthony Martial?

Anthony Martial is a celebrated French professional footballer, known for his role as a forward for Manchester United and the France national team. His career, marked by significant achievements and high-profile transfers, has made him a notable figure in the world of football.

How old is Anthony Martial?

Born on December 5, 1995, Anthony Martial is 27 years old as of 2023. His youthfulness, combined with his achievements, underscores his impact and potential in the world of football.


While specific details about Anthony Martial’s education are not widely publicized, his early life largely revolved around football, showcasing his dedication and passion for the sport from a young age.


Anthony Martial’s career is a testament to his footballing prowess, with significant stints at top clubs including Lyon, AS Monaco, and Manchester United. His record-breaking transfer to Manchester United marked him as one of the most promising young talents in football.

Anthony Martial First Wife

Samantha Jacquelinet, Anthony Martial’s first wife, Samantha Jacquelinet, also known as Samantha Martial, is a French woman primarily known for her marriage to Anthony Martial.

How did they meet?

Martial and Samantha’s love story began when he was 17 and she was 20. She became his number-one fan and supported him throughout his career.

When did they get married?

The timeline of Samantha Jacquelinet and Anthony Martial’s marriage is a key part of their shared history. Their union and its duration offer insight into a significant period in both their lives. Samantha Jacquelinet and Anthony Martial were married in 2016.

Do they have kids?

The couple’s journey into parenthood is a major aspect of their relationship.Yes, they have a daughter named Peyton Martial, born in 2015.

How long have they been married?

The duration of Samantha Jacqueline and Anthony Martial’s marriage highlights the length of their shared journey.The couple’s marriage ended in divorce following Martial’s extramarital affair with Emily Wademan.

What made her husband famous?

Anthony Martial’s rise to fame in the football world is a story of talent, hard work, and high-profile achievements. His journey to becoming a celebrated footballer provides context to his life and his relationship with Samantha. Martial is famous for his football career, particularly as a forward for Manchester United and the France national team.

What is she known for?

Samantha Jacquelinet’s own identity, separate from her marriage to Martial, Samantha Jacquelinet is known as a “WAGS” (Wife and Girlfriend of a Footballer) due to her marriage to Martial. She was very active on social media, expressing her support for Martial.

What does she do for a living?

Specific details about Samantha’s professional life or occupation are not widely known.

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Samantha Jacquelinet gained public attention through her marriage to Anthony Martial. Despite their relationship’s end, she played a significant role in Martial’s life during their time together.

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FAQs about Samantha Jacqueline
  1. How long was Samantha Jacquelinet married to Anthony Martial? They were married for a brief period before divorcing due to Martial’s infidelity.
  2. What is Samantha Jacquelinet’s nationality? She is French.
  3. How many children does Samantha Jacquelinet have with Anthony Martial? They have one daughter, Peyton Martial.
  4. What was Samantha’s role in Martial’s career? She was a supportive partner, moving to England with him and attending his matches.
  5. Has Samantha Jacquelinet remarried since her divorce from Martial? There is no public information available about her marital status post-divorce from Martial.

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