What happened to Elyse Myers?

What happened to Elyse Myers?

Elyse Myers, the beloved TikTok star known for her viral “worst date ever” story, has left her fans puzzled and concerned after deleting all her posts on TikTok and Instagram. With millions of followers eagerly awaiting her next update, her sudden disappearance has sparked curiosity.

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Elyse captured the internet’s heart with her humorous and relatable content. However, in recent months, she has been navigating personal challenges, including her second child Oliver’s serious health condition, leading fans to wonder why she has taken a break from social media.

Who Is Elyse Myers?

Elyse Myers went viral in 2021 after sharing a hilarious story about a first date where she was tricked into buying 100 tacos from Taco Bell. This video, which garnered millions of views, brought significant attention to her TikTok account. At the time, she was a web developer making videos for fun but soon realized her account had potential. Now, with 7.1 million followers, Elyse continues to entertain with her comedic stories and insights into her hobbies like music, singing, and crocheting. She told People in 2022 that her goal is to “add value to people’s lives” with her content.

Why Did Elyse Myers Decide to Take a Break from TikTok?

Elyse Myers decided to take a break from TikTok while dealing with her son Oliver’s serious health issues, compounded by a social media storm. A movement known as “Operation Watermelon,” started by TikTok user Angie Marie, targeted Myers and other influencers, urging them to speak out about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This campaign quickly turned into harassment for Myers, with her comment sections flooded with demands for her to take a public stance.

The relentless online pressure, combined with personal stress, led Myers to make the difficult decision to step back. In March 2024, she deleted all her TikTok and Instagram posts and updated her bios to indicate she was taking a break. This move shocked many fans, as Myers had been a consistent source of joy and positivity on their feeds. While she continues to post on YouTube, her absence from TikTok and Instagram is deeply felt.

Is Elyse Myers on Other Social Media?

While Elyse Myers has deleted her TikTok and Instagram content, she remains active on YouTube. Her Instagram bio now simply states that she’s taking a break, and there is no clear indication if or when she will return to her other social media platforms.

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