Lena the Plug’s Husband Talks about being with Someone Who Sleeps with Other Men

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The fear of being cheated on is widespread, but certain situations demand partners to engage in intimacy due to their job. This is true for adult film stars who have external relationships while working with multiple partners professionally.

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Lena the Plug, an actress, recently had a first-time encounter with another man. Consequently, her husband was labeled a ‘simp’ by many. They married in May after five years together.

Talking to TMZ, Lena expressed, “I empathize with him [Adam] as my positivity contrasts his negativity. Criticism is directed at him.”

She added, “He’s resilient; he can handle it. Pursuing happiness harmlessly is vital. There are unconventional practices beyond ours.”

Lena noted, “We’ve experienced 200 threesomes with him and women. Is that ‘simp’ behavior? Having diverse sexual encounters, involving one man becomes a major issue?”

Who is Lena the Plug’s Husband?

Born on November 24, 1983, Adam Grandmaison, widely recognized as Adam22, is an American YouTuber and podcaster renowned for his role as the founder and presenter of the popular pop culture podcast, No Jumper.

Adam22’s response

In a tweet from July, Adam22 addressed the wave of ‘simp’ criticisms and shared his perspective: “One week since I supported my wife’s involvement in adult content with another man. Initial twinge of jealousy, but all in all, it’s been manageable. We’ve navigated through my encounters with numerous women without harm to us. This experience has greatly benefited her career and our venture @plugtalkshow!”

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Is Lena the Plug a parent?

Lena is a mother to a child, whom she co-parents with fellow YouTuber and podcast personality Adam22. Adam is prominently recognized as the host of the podcast No Jumper, where he engages with notable individuals who recount their paths to achievement.

Lena revealed her pregnancy on Valentine’s Day in 2020. Later that year, in November, their daughter came into the world.

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