Who is Mohamed Hadid? Everything About the Real estate developer

Who is Mohamed Hadid? Everything About the Real estate developer

Mohamed Anwar Hadid, born on November 6, 1948, is a prominent American real estate developer renowned for his expertise in constructing upscale hotels and luxurious mansions.

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His focus on prestigious properties has primarily centered around the exclusive neighborhoods of Bel Air and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. Beyond his professional achievements, Hadid is also recognized as the proud father of two highly successful models, Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Profile Summary
Celebrities named Hadid
Celebrities named Mohamed Hadid
Birthday: 6 – 11 – 1948
Age: 75
Zodiac: Scorpius
Chinese Zodiac: Wu Rat
Living place: Israel
Who is Mohamed Hadid?

Mohamed Hadid, a Jordanian-American luxury real estate developer originally born in Palestine, embarked on a journey that led him to the United States, where he amassed a colossal fortune through his ventures in the luxury property market.

During his life, he was married to Yolanda Hadid from 1994 to 2000, and together, they have three well-known children who have made a name for themselves in various fields.

Mohamed Hadid is a successful Jordanian-American real estate developer who was born on November 6, 1948, in Nazareth, Palestine. He later emigrated to the United States, where he established himself as a prominent figure in the luxury property market.

Throughout his career, Hadid has been involved in developing high-end properties, including luxurious hotels and extravagant mansions. His projects have primarily been concentrated in upscale neighborhoods like Bel Air and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. These properties often boast unique architectural designs, top-notch amenities, and exude opulence, attracting wealthy clientele.

In 1994, Mohamed Hadid married Yolanda Hadid, a Dutch-American television personality and former model. The couple was together until their divorce in 2000. During their marriage, they had three children together, who have since become household names in their own right.

Their children include:

  1. Gigi Hadid: Born on April 23, 1995, Gigi Hadid is a highly successful fashion model. She has graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines, walked in prestigious runway shows, and collaborated with renowned brands, cementing her position as one of the world’s top supermodels.
  2. Bella Hadid: Born on October 9, 1996, Bella Hadid is also a renowned fashion model. Like her sister Gigi, she has made a significant impact in the fashion industry, working with top designers and participating in major fashion events.
  3. Anwar Hadid: The youngest of the siblings, Anwar Hadid, was born on June 22, 1999. He followed in his sisters’ footsteps and pursued a successful career as a model, gaining recognition for his work in the fashion world.

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Mohamed Hadid’s life and career have not been without controversy. Some of his real estate projects have faced legal challenges and disputes over building regulations and permits. Nevertheless, his influence in the luxury real estate market and his family’s prominence in the entertainment and fashion industries have made him a well-known and intriguing figure in the public eye.

Personal life

Mohamed Hadid’s personal life has been marked by several significant relationships. His first marriage was with Mary Butler, and together they had two daughters, Alana Hadid and Marielle Hadid. However, their marriage came to an end in 1992.

In 1994, Mohamed married the Dutch model Yolanda Hadid (née Van den Herik). They had three children who all followed their mother’s footsteps and became successful models: Gigi (born in 1995), Bella (born in 1996), and Anwar (born in 1999).

Who is Mohamed Hadid? Everything About the Real estate developer
Who is Mohamed Hadid? Everything About the Real estate developer

In 2014, Hadid got engaged to Shiva Safai, a model and businesswoman of Iranian origin, who grew up in Norway and later moved to Los Angeles with her family. Despite their 33-year age difference, they were engaged. Shiva Safai appeared in the E! reality show “Second Wives Club” in 2017. However, by December 2019, the engagement between Hadid and Safai had ended, and she had moved on to a relationship with Niels Houweling.

Mohamed Hadid holds dual citizenship, being both a Jordanian and American citizen. Although he does not consider himself a devout Muslim, he has maintained a practice of abstaining from alcohol, despite possessing a considerable wine collection of 5,000 bottles, which includes wines from his own Beverly Hills winery.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Mohamed Hadid, originally born in Palestine, relocated to the United States during his childhood along with his family. In his early aspirations, he aimed to pursue a career in art. However, he soon recognized the greater financial potential in constructing the walls of luxurious mansions instead of merely adorning them with art.

His journey in the real estate industry commenced in Washington D.C., where he played a significant role in the development of residential apartment buildings and single-family homes. As his expertise and portfolio expanded, Hadid achieved substantial success by spearheading the development of esteemed Ritz Carlton hotels in various prominent locations, including Houston, New York, Aspen, and Washington D.C. These ventures further bolstered his reputation as a prominent figure in the luxury real estate market, ultimately contributing to his considerable wealth.


Presently, Mohamed Hadid oversees “Hadid Development,” a company specializing in ultra-high-end real estate projects worldwide. The firm’s focus lies in building opulent resorts, houses, condominiums, and commercial ventures, primarily situated in esteemed locations such as Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Aspen, Paris, and suburban Virginia.

One notable aspect that sets Hadid Development apart is its willingness to undertake significant financial risks. They embark on building massive mansions from scratch without having a buyer lined up in advance. Surprisingly, this bold approach has proven immensely lucrative for Mohamed.

Amid his real estate endeavors, Hadid also rekindled his passion for art, leading to the establishment of his very own art gallery in the affluent area of Beverly Hills.

Who is Mohamed Hadid? Everything About the Real estate developer
Who is Mohamed Hadid? Everything About the Real estate developer

Following his divorce from Yolanda, court documents surfaced, revealing that Mohamed Hadid paid his ex-wife $3.6 million in cash and had to relinquish ownership of several mansions and expensive cars.

In 2010, one of Mohamed’s notable projects was the development of “Le Belvedere” in Bel Air, a luxurious residence. He successfully sold this remarkable property in 2018 for an impressive $56 million.

Between 2011 and 2012, he undertook the development of another grand home in Beverly Hills, known as “The Crescent Palace” or “Le Palais.” This extravagant 48,000-square-foot mansion is nestled on an acre of prime land next to The Beverly Hills Hotel, making it an exclusive and coveted location. The mansion boasts 11 bedrooms, a library, an art gallery, a 3,800-square-foot roof garden, a 5,000-bottle wine cellar, a 40-person movie theater, and various other lavish features. In 2013, it was sold for $33 million to the daughter of a former dictator of Uzbekistan.

Mohamed Hadid’s impressive ventures and successful real estate projects have firmly established him as a significant player in the world of high-end real estate development.

Mohamed Hadid’s net worth 2023

According to information available on his Wikipedia page, Mohamed Hadid has achieved a substantial net worth estimated to be between $100-200 million. His impressive financial success can be attributed to his thriving career as a luxury real estate developer, primarily focused on opulent properties in prestigious locations like Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

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