‘Hawk Tuah’ Sensation Hailey Welch Eyes Comedy Career, Files Trademarks

'Hawk Tuah' Sensation Hailey Welch Eyes Comedy Career

Hailey Welch, the viral sensation known as the “Hawk Tuah” Girl, is shifting her focus from her iconic catchphrase to a potential comedy career. Welch is working to secure trademarks for her famous phrase, indicating big plans for the future.

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TMZ has obtained Welch’s trademark filings for “Hawk Tuah,” covering two categories: apparel (hats and shirts) and entertainment services, specifically comedy podcasts and live comedy shows. This move suggests she’s serious about expanding her brand and diving into the comedy scene.

Welch filed for the trademark under her new company, 16 Minutes, LLC—a clever nod to her ambition to extend her 15 minutes of fame. This isn’t the first sign of her long-term plans, either. Recently, her management team, Penthouse, stepped up to represent her, quashing rumors that UTA would take on that role.

Sources close to Welch reveal that her new team is already hard at work. They are actively sending cease and desist letters to merchants trying to profit from her viral phrase without permission. Welch’s team believes many businesses are unfairly capitalizing on her success, prompting a flurry of trademark filings from various companies.

Fans can also look forward to official “Hawk Tuah” merchandise in the near future, as Welch plans to launch her own line. For those eager to see her in action, it seems likely she’ll be performing stand-up comedy on a stage near you soon.

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