‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Speaks Out and Shuts Down Multiple Rumors

'Hawk Tuah' Girl Speaks Out and Shuts Down Multiple Rumors

Hailey Welch, best known as the viral “Hawk Tuah” girl, is breaking her silence since skyrocketing to fame, addressing for the first time all the rumors about her personal life.

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The viral sensation stopped by Brianna LaPaglia’s ‘Plan Bri’ podcast on Monday, where she reacted to her newfound fame and set the record straight on some lies circulating the Internet.

Hailey said most of the stories that have surfaced about her are not true. For instance, she was never a school teacher and was not fired from her job over the viral moment.

In fact, Hailey, who confirmed she’s 21 years old, declared she isn’t even old enough to be a teacher.

According to Hailey, she was employed as a spring factory worker when she learned she’d become a meme, but noted she hadn’t realized the extent of her fame as she left social media a while back.

Hailey also hit back at a report that her father was a preacher and was upset by the video, saying this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Watch the video—Hailey said her parents find the whole thing hilarious, as they know she has an unfiltered sense of humor.

Hailey admitted she was shocked when people tried to find her online, confessing she initially didn’t want to be found. However, when fans started stealing photos of her from her friends’ social media accounts and building fake pages, she decided to come forward.

She added, “It’s kind of creepy, seeing your face on another account that doesn’t belong to you.”

Hailey has since gotten a $600 offer to spit into a jar. While Hailey said she considered the offer, she ultimately turned it down as she found it “revolting.”

Surprisingly, Hailey said she doesn’t want “Hawk Tuah” to be her image, though she has landed a manager and a merch deal following her NSFW quote.

We hate to break it to Hailey, but, as people say, the Internet is forever.

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