Is the Release Date for “Tales of the Shire” Confirmed?

Is the Release Date for "Tales of the Shire" Confirmed?

“Tales of the Shire,” an upcoming video game set in the universe of The Lord of the Rings, will soon launch on Netflix Games. Created by Wētā Workshop, this game provides enthusiasts an opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily life of the Shire.

Is the Release Date for ‘Tales of the Shire’ Confirmed?

“Tales of the Shire,” an inviting video game, is scheduled to debut on Netflix in the latter half of 2024. It will be accessible on both Android and iOS platforms. The precise release date for “Tales of the Shire” on Netflix remains undisclosed. This game will be part of Netflix’s expanding library of mobile games, enhancing its gaming portfolio.

About “Tales of the Shire”

Essentially, “Tales of the Shire” resembles “Stardew Valley” but in 3D and set in Tolkien’s enchanting world. For someone like me, a gamer who prefers relaxing in the evenings over battling trolls in multiplayer arenas, it feels like a dream come true. The trailer highlights Hobbits engaging in a variety of activities, from fishing and gardening to gathering herbs, building relationships, attending parties, constructing and decorating homes, and trading with fellow Hobbits.

Most importantly, it features the cozy comfort of relaxing in our Hobbit holes. Hopefully, Gandalf the Grey will make an appearance with a spectacular fireworks display.


In “Tales of the Shire,” players aim to unite the Bywater community and host the greatest festival in Shire history to have Bywater recognized as an official village. This cozy game is open-ended and designed to evoke a storybook-like experience, drawing inspiration from childhood memories of reading “The Hobbit.”

Steve Lambert, the game’s art director, mentioned that Wētā Workshop focused on creating a more childlike feel. Written by Tolkien scholar Darren Ormandy, the game stays true to Middle-earth canon while providing an engaging experience. Players can expect a peaceful, non-combat gameplay experience, though details on time constraints and whether the game continues beyond the festival are still unclear. Nonetheless, players will have plenty of activities to enjoy as they prepare for the festival.

What to anticipate

Crafted by Wētā Workshop, “Tales of the Shire” lets players immerse themselves in Shire life as a Hobbit. Engage in various activities like trading with locals, fishing, cultivating vegetables, cooking, and fostering a community in Bywater. The ultimate objective is to attain official village status.

Available Platforms

Netflix will exclusively offer the mobile versions of “Tales of the Shire.” Additionally, the game will be available on other platforms such as Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox. These versions will not be included as part of the Netflix subscription and will require a separate purchase.

In conclusion,

“Tales of the Shire” promises to be a delightful 3D experience set in Tolkien’s magical world, perfect for gamers seeking a relaxing escape. With activities ranging from fishing and gardening to building relationships and decorating homes, it offers a cozy, immersive experience. Let’s hope for a special visit from Gandalf the Grey to add an extra touch of magic.

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