How to Wait in Fallout 4: Gaming Tips and Tricks

How to Wait in Fallout 4: Gaming Tips and Tricks

In the vast and intricate world of “Fallout 4,” mastering the art of waiting is as crucial as your combat strategy. Unlike its predecessors, “Fallout 4” revolutionizes the waiting mechanic, intertwining it with survival, strategy, and the overall gaming experience. This article delves into the nuances of waiting in “Fallout 4,” offering insightful tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay.

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The Art of Waiting in Fallout 4
Finding the Right Spot

To wait in “Fallout 4,” you need to find a piece of furniture like a chair or a bed. Interestingly, it has to be an item that you, the player, do not own. Once you’ve found your spot, sit down, and you’ll be prompted with a wait menu, allowing you to pass time in increments up to 24 hours​​.

Strategic Timing

Waiting is not just about passing time. It’s a strategic tool. Nighttime provides cover for stealth operations, while daytime offers better visibility for exploration. Take advantage of the time of day to align with your mission objectives and play style​​.

Health and Experience Points (XP)

Resting in a bed in your settlement not only passes time but also grants a “rested” status, boosting your XP gain by 10% for 8 hours. This benefit is crucial for leveling up more efficiently​​.

Leveraging the Leveling System
Maximizing XP Gain

Your Intelligence stat influences your XP gain. Higher Intelligence equals faster leveling. Consider boosting your Intelligence before completing quests or engaging in significant battles to maximize your XP yield​​.

The Importance of Perk Points

Each level-up grants you a Perk Point, which can be used to unlock or improve abilities. Choosing the right perks can significantly impact your playstyle. For instance, selecting perks that enhance stealth can complement a playstyle that favors waiting and striking at the right moment​​.

No Level Cap: Endless Possibilities

“Fallout 4” has no level cap, meaning the potential for character growth is limitless. This system allows you to experiment with different perks and build a character that truly represents your playstyle​​.

Advanced Tips for Enhanced Gameplay
Using the Environment

Remember, enemies have a harder time spotting you at night. Use this to your advantage, especially if your character build focuses on stealth and sneak attacks​​.

Companions and XP

Traveling without a companion ensures that all XP from kills goes to you. However, companions can be useful for carrying extra gear and providing support in combat. Choose your travel style based on your gameplay needs and preferences​​.

Customization and Inventory Management

Properly managing your inventory and customizing your weapons and armor can greatly enhance your effectiveness in combat and exploration. Regularly review and update your gear to suit your current needs and objectives​​.


Waiting in “Fallout 4” is more than a mere pause in action; it’s a strategic element that, when used wisely, can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. From strategic time management to intelligent perk allocation, understanding and utilizing these tips will not only make your journey through the Commonwealth more enjoyable but also more rewarding. Embrace these strategies, and you’ll find yourself mastering the wasteland in no time.

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