Rihanna Opens Up About Her Biggest Challenge During Pregnancy

Rihanna Opens Up About Her Biggest Challenge During Pregnancy

Singer and Fenty mogul, Rihanna, has revealed one of the biggest challenges she faced during her pregnancy: hair loss. In a recent interview with Refinery29 during her Fenty Hair launch in Los Angeles, Rihanna, 36, shared her unexpected postpartum experience.

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“Oh my gosh, girl. That was not on the pamphlet,” she said, explaining how the hair loss happened in waves. “I thought it would just happen and grow back, but it went this spot, then this spot, then this spot, and at that point, you’re just like, ‘Alright, enough is enough.'”

Despite the initial shock, Rihanna has learned to embrace the changes. “That actually just made me get a little more creative and clever with my hairstyles,” she added.

Rihanna and her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky, welcomed their second child, son Riot Rose, 10 months ago. They also share a 2-year-old son, RZA Athelaston. At the event, the Unapologetic artist confirmed that she would love to have more kids but clarified that she is not currently pregnant.

As Rihanna continues to navigate motherhood, she is also gearing up to go back to the studio, promising fans that new music is on the way.

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