Ed Sheeran Reveals Why He Hasn’t Had a Phone Since 2015

Ed Sheeran Reveals Why He Hasn't Had a Phone Since 2015

Ed Sheeran recently shared why he has avoided modern communication tools since 2015. During a podcast episode of Therapuss with Jake Shane, the “Shape of You” singer explained that he doesn’t have a cell phone, opting instead for email communication.

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“I don’t have a number, but you can have my email,” Sheeran told the host, adding that he uses a phone provided by his team only for social media updates at events.

Sheeran decided to ditch his phone in December 2015 due to the overwhelming number of contacts and constant messages. “I had 10,000 contacts in my phone, and people would just text all the time,” he said. “With phones, everyone expects you to reply immediately, and it becomes exhausting.”

Now, Sheeran communicates primarily via email, checking it only once a week. “On a Thursday or Friday, I sit down, usually in the car, and blast through all the emails,” he explained. This method allows him to limit his time and focus on meaningful interactions.

Sheeran also highlighted the creative benefits of being phone-free. “When you’re just sitting and doing nothing, that’s when I think of a lyric or a melody,” he said. “Nothing creative has ever come out of being connected the whole time. Boredom sparks creativity.”

By avoiding a phone, Sheeran enjoys more genuine connections and finds inspiration in moments of stillness.

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