How Old is Nidal? Age Details Revealed

How Old is Nidal? Age Details Revealed

Nidal Wonder Ajib is an American emerging talent in the realms of social media and athletics, swiftly gaining recognition on platforms like Instagram and YouTube for his exceptional flipping skills.

How Old Is Nidal?

As of February May 2024, the American YouTuber is 13 years old, having been born on December 21, 2010. His astrological sign is Sagittarius.

Where Is Nidal From?

Nidal Wonder, whose full name is Nidal Ajib, is originally from Clovis, California, United States. He currently resides there as well.

About His Family

Nidal Wonder is one of four siblings, including his two brothers, Jamel and Jehan Ajib, and his sister, Jiji Wonder. They collectively operate a YouTube channel titled “The Wonder Family.” On this channel, they share a variety of content that showcases their daily activities and experiences, bringing viewers into their family life.

Nidal Rise Of Stardom

Nidal Wonder is a dynamic young talent known for his skills as an Instagram star, YouTuber, self-taught flipper, and singer. He ignited his passion for gymnastics early, competing with his brother to master backflips. Nidal launched his YouTube channel, “Nidal Wonder Official,” in July 2011, growing to over 2 million subscribers. The channel features a mix of flips, family adventures, and physical challenges, with one video, “The Only Real Spiderman,” amassing over 11 million views.

He also manages an Instagram account with 673,000 followers and shares another page with his brother Juju, attracting 364,000 followers. Beyond his athletic and online activities, Nidal has released three songs since 2022, exploring his talents in music.

Who Is Nidal Dating?

The YouTuber isn’t in a relationship but is often spotted with Salish Matter, another Instagram star. They are best friends and regularly appear in each other’s Instagram and YouTube videos. Additionally, they have collaborated on a song titled “Shipping Us (The Truth About Their Relationship),” which delves into their friendship through its lyrics.

Nidal’s Estimated Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, primarily earned through his career in content creation.

What Happened To The Youtuber?

Nidal Wonder was involved in a serious accident while riding his scooter, crashing into a car. He was quickly taken to the hospital, where he was placed on breathing tubes and fitted with a neck brace. He also received treatment for a broken leg and collarbone. Following the accident, Nidal remained unconscious for four days.

FAQs About Nidal
  1. Who is Nidal Wonder?
    • Nidal Wonder is a young social media star known for his flipping skills and content creation on YouTube and Instagram.
  2. How old is Nidal Wonder?
    • Nidal was born in 2010, making him 13 years old as of 2023.
  3. Who are Nidal Wonder’s siblings?
    • Nidal has two brothers, Jamel and Jehan Ajib, and a sister, Jiji Wonder.
  4. What is ‘The Wonder Family’ YouTube channel about?
    • ‘The Wonder Family’ is a YouTube channel run by Nidal and his siblings. They post videos sharing their daily life, adventures, and family experiences.
  5. Has Nidal Wonder ever been in an accident?
    • Yes, Nidal was involved in a scooter accident where he suffered multiple injuries but has since been recovering.
  6. What kind of content does Nidal Wonder create?
    • Nidal primarily creates content related to his gymnastic skills, family vlogs, and challenges. He also shares music and collaborations with other social media stars.
  7. Does Nidal Wonder collaborate with other creators?
    • Yes, he frequently collaborates with other creators, including his close friend and fellow Instagram star, Salish Matter.
  8. How can I follow Nidal Wonder on social media?
    • You can follow him on his Instagram account and his YouTube channel, ‘Nidal Wonder Official’, as well as on ‘The Wonder Family’ channel.

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