Riley Reid Husband: Inside Her Love Life

Riley Reid Husband

Riley Reid, a well-known adult film actress, has captured the interest of many not only through her professional achievements but also her personal life, particularly her romantic relationships. As someone who has won numerous awards and gained significant attention in the adult film industry.

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Riley Reid Husband

Riley Reid is married to Pasha Petkuns, a talented free runner and parkour artist from Latvia. The couple’s relationship, which blossomed into marriage, combines their vibrant personalities and shared values, creating a dynamic partnership. Their union is celebrated among fans and on social media, where they often share glimpses of their life.

Profile Summary

Pasha Petkuns, born on September 29, 1992, in Daugavpils, Latvia, has carved out a niche for himself as a prominent figure in the parkour community. Known for his athletic prowess and creativity, Pasha stands 165 cm tall and weighs 65 kilograms. His engagement with his audience through platforms like Instagram and TikTok reflects his influence as a social media personality.


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Pasha Petkuns has developed a substantial following online due to his impressive free-running skills and engaging content. His career took off when his parkour videos gained widespread attention, showcasing his ability to transform urban landscapes into playgrounds. This prowess not only brought him personal acclaim but also fostered a broad, engaged social media following.

When did Riley Reid and Pasha Petkuns get married?

Riley Reid and Pasha Petkuns tied the knot on June 28, 2021, in a private ceremony in Los Angeles, California. Their wedding was a celebration of their journey together, marked by personal joy and the love they share, which they often depict in heartfelt posts on their social media platforms.

Credit: Pasha Petkuns/Instagram
Do Riley Reid and Pasha Petkuns have any children?

Riley Reid and Pasha Petkuns welcomed their first child, a daughter named Emma, in July 2022. Emma’s birth has brought immense joy to their lives, as expressed by Riley in various heartfelt social media updates celebrating her family and the new life they have built together.

Riley Reid and Pasha Petkuns with their daughter Emma

Riley Reid’s marriage to Pasha Petkuns highlights a personal journey intertwined with love, adventure, and family. As they navigate life together with their daughter, their story continues to inspire and resonate with fans worldwide. Their partnership not only enriches their lives but also offers a glimpse into the harmonious blending of different cultural and professional backgrounds.

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FAQs about Riley Reid’s Husband
  1. Who is Riley Reid married to?
    • Riley Reid is married to Pasha Petkuns, a parkour artist and social media influencer from Latvia.
  2. What is Pasha Petkuns known for?
    • Pasha Petkuns is known for his expertise in free running and parkour, and he has a substantial following on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
  3. When did Riley Reid and Pasha Petkuns get married?
    • They got married on June 28, 2021.
  4. Do Riley Reid and Pasha Petkuns have children?
    • Yes, they have a daughter named Emma, born in July 2022.
  5. What is Pasha Petkuns’ net worth?
    • His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

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