Balaa Mc – Sauti Ya Kitaa Album

Balaa Mc - Sauti Ya Kitaa Album MP3 DOWNLOAD

Balaa MC’s EP “Sauti Ya Kitaa” is a vibrant and dynamic addition to the Singeli music genre, which originates from Tanzania and is known for its high-energy beats and fast-paced rhythms. Released in 2024, the EP showcases Balaa MC’s exceptional talent and his deep connection to the local culture and traditions of Dar es Salaam, particularly the Temeke region where he was born.

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The “Sauti Ya Kitaa” EP, which translates to “Voice of the Street,” is characterized by its rapid beats, infectious rhythms, and catchy melodies, reflecting the energetic and fast-paced nature of Singeli music. The genre has gained immense popularity, especially among the youth in urban areas, and is known for its ability to make listeners dance along.

Balaa Mc – Sauti Ya Kitaa Album MP3 DOWNLOAD
  1. Balaa Mc – Subra
  2. Balaa Mc – 26 Kipaji
  3. Balaa Mc – Nimeacha
  4. Balaa Mc – Mapenzi
  5. Balaa Mc – Shukrani
  6. Balaa Mc – Stori
  7. Balaa Mc – Mtaftaji
  8. Balaa Mc – Jela
  9. Balaa Mc – Kigodoro
  10. Balaa Mc – Mshenzi Yule
  11. Balaa Mc – Shati Langu Ft Kayumba
  12. Balaa Mc – Chukua Time Ft Kiluza Fanani

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