Kelechi Africana – Nasubiri

AUDIO Kelechi Africana - Nasubiri MP3 DOWNLOAD

Kenyan recording artist, musician, singer, and songwriter, Kelechi Africana unlocks a new song titled, Nasubiri.

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Nasubiri” by Kelechi Africana is a poignant song that delves into themes of longing, love, and the pain of separation. In the track, Kelechi Africana expresses deep emotions of waiting for a loved one to return, highlighting the agony of not being okay and the struggle of coping with silence and absence. The lyrics convey a narrative of yearning and hope, with the singer asserting his resilience despite the heartache and a chorus that echoes the sentiment of a patient waiting for reconciliation​​​​.

listen to “Kelechi Africana – Nasubiri ” below

AUDIO Kelechi Africana – Nasubiri MP3 DOWNLOAD


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