What Happened to SoBe Drinks? Tracing the Fate of the Beverage Brand

What Happened to SoBe Drinks?

SoBe Drinks, once a staple in the beverage industry known for its vibrant flavors and unique branding, has seen a notable change in its market presence. This article explores the brand’s journey and current status.

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What is SoBe Drinks?

SoBe, short for South Beach, is a brand of beverage that is renowned for its varied flavors. The brand was known for incorporating elements like ginseng and ginger, offering health benefits alongside unique tastes.

Origin of SoBe Drinks

SoBe Drinks started in 1996, originally named the South Beach Beverage Company. Founded by Kevin McGovern, John Bello, and Tom Schwalm, the brand quickly gained popularity for its innovative flavors and health-conscious ingredients.

Marketing Strategies

SoBe’s marketing campaigns were often innovative and successful. The brand was famous for its digital lizard emblem on its labels and shifted from glass to plastic bottles as a more eco-friendly and cost-effective measure.

The Acquisition by PepsiCo

In 2000, PepsiCo acquired SoBe, a move that promised to bolster the brand’s market presence. This acquisition brought changes in operations and product lines.

What Happened to SoBe Drinks?

Over the years, SoBe has seen a decline in visibility. The brand discontinued over 23 product flavors and seemed to have disappeared from many markets. However, SoBe is still available in the market, albeit with less prominence than before.

Product Availability

SoBe drinks are not as widely available as they once were, but they can still be found. PepsiCo suggests using its product locator to find current availability, though the brand’s active presence, including social media engagement, has diminished over the years.

The SoBe Lifewater and Elixir Lines

SoBe Lifewater and SoBe Elixir are among the lines that the brand continues to promote. These products reflect the brand’s ongoing commitment to health-centric beverages.

Customer Reactions

Many customers have expressed their nostalgia and desire for discontinued SoBe flavors, highlighting the brand’s once strong connection with its consumer base.


While SoBe Drinks has experienced a significant reduction in its market presence, it still exist under PepsiCo’s umbrella. The brand’s evolution reflects changing market trends and consumer preferences.

FAQs about SoBe Drinks
  1. When was SoBe founded and by whom? SoBe was founded in 1996 by Kevin McGovern, John Bello, and Tom Schwalm.
  2. What was the original name of SoBe Drinks? The original name was South Beach Beverage Company.
  3. Why did SoBe Drinks become less visible in the market? SoBe Drinks faced a decline due to market changes and strategic decisions, including the discontinuation of several product flavors.
  4. Can SoBe Drinks still be purchased? Yes, certain SoBe products can still be found, though availability may vary.
  5. Who owns SoBe Drinks now? SoBe Drinks is currently owned by PepsiCo​​​​​​.

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