Kyla Pratt Husband: On-Screen and Off-Screen Love Life

Kyla Pratt Husband

Kyla Pratt, a talented actress and voice artist, found love with Danny Kilpatrick, a man of diverse talents and interests. Their relationship, blossoming both on and off the screen, showcases a unique blend of personal and professional life, underpinned by a shared love for the arts. This article explores their journey together as a couple.

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Who is Kyla Pratt’s Husband?

Danny Kilpatrick is a multifaceted individual, known as a reality television star, actor, rapper, tattoo artist, and business owner. His diverse career spans various aspects of the entertainment industry.

How Old is Kyla Pratt’s Husband?

Born on November 26, 1986, Danny Kilpatrick is currently 37 years old. His age reflects a period of maturity and established presence in his professional and personal life.


While specific details of Danny Kilpatrick’s educational background are not public, it’s evident that his array of talents and skills are a result of both formal education and self-driven learning.


Danny Kilpatrick is known for his versatile career as a songwriter, hip-hop artist, and tattoo artist. He gained recognition for his role in the reality TV show “Black Ink Crew: Compton” and has made his mark in various creative fields.

Kyla Pratt Husband

As Kyla Pratt’s long-term partner, Danny Kilpatrick has shared a life that blends their personal and professional worlds. Their relationship showcases mutual support and shared interests.

How Did They Meet?

Kyla Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick met through a mutual connection and shared social circles. Their relationship started with a friendship that blossomed into a romantic partnership.

When Did They Get Married?

As of May 2023, Kyla Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick have not yet married. They have been in a long-term committed relationship and got engaged in 2011.

Do They Have Kids?

Yes, Kyla Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick share two children, Lyric and Liyah Kilpatrick. Their daughters are a testament to their strong family bond.

How Long Have They Been Married?

Kyla Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick, though engaged, have not officially tied the knot yet. They have been in a committed relationship since 2005.

What Made Kyla Pratt Famous?

Kyla Pratt became famous for her roles in various TV shows and movies, including “The Proud Family,” “Dr. Dolittle” series, and “One on One.” Her versatility as an actress and voice artist has earned her widespread recognition.

What is He Known For?

Danny Kilpatrick is known for his work in reality television, particularly “Black Ink Crew: Compton,” as well as his career as a rapper and tattoo artist. He has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry through his diverse talents.

Is He Humble?

Danny Kilpatrick is often described as down-to-earth and genuine, despite his success in multiple fields. His humility is evident in his personal interactions and public appearances.


The love story of Kyla Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick is a beautiful blend of shared passions, family life, and artistic expression. Their journey together highlights the beauty of finding love and partnership in the world of entertainment.

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FAQs about Kyla Pratt’s Husband
  1. What is Danny Kilpatrick’s role in “Black Ink Crew: Compton”?
    • He is a cast member known for his work as a tattoo artist on the show.
  2. How long have Kyla Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick been together?
    • They have been in a relationship since 2005.
  3. What are some of Kyla Pratt’s notable acting roles?
    • Kyla Pratt is known for her roles in “The Proud Family,” “Dr. Dolittle” series, and “One on One.”
  4. What other talents does Danny Kilpatrick have?
    • Apart from being a reality TV star, he is also a rapper and songwriter.
  5. Have Kyla Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick collaborated professionally?
    • They both star in the VH1 reality TV series “Black Ink Crew: Compton,” showcasing their professional collaboration.

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