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Joker's Girlfriend

This article explores the complex relationships between the Joker and two of his most famous romantic interests: Harley Quinn and Punchline. Both characters have significantly impacted the Joker’s narrative and have unique stories of their own in the DC Universe.

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Who is Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn, originally Dr. Harleen Quinzel, is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. She started as a psychologist at Arkham Asylum and became infatuated with the Joker, transforming into his accomplice and lover.

How old is Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn’s exact age is not specified in the comics, as her character is subject to various interpretations and timelines. However, she is typically portrayed as a young adult.

Education and Career

Harleen Quinzel was a promising psychologist who graduated with top honors. Her career took a turn when she met the Joker at Arkham Asylum, leading her to adopt the Harley Quinn persona and delve into a life of crime.

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Joker Girlfriend

The Joker’s most notable girlfriend is Harley Quinn, known for her chaotic relationship with him. More recently, Punchline has emerged as a new romantic interest, bringing a darker dynamic to the Joker’s story.

Meeting of Joker and Harley Quinn

Harleen Quinzel first met the Joker while working at Arkham Asylum. She was fascinated by his psyche and eventually fell in love with him, leading her to become Harley Quinn.

Marriage of Joker and Harley Quinn

Joker and Harley Quinn are not traditionally married in the comics. Their relationship is complex and often abusive, focusing more on their criminal endeavors and psychological games.

Children of Joker and Harley Quinn

In the main DC Comics continuity, Joker and Harley Quinn do not have children. However, alternate universes and storylines, like “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” have explored the idea of them having a child.

Infidelity in the Relationship

The Joker’s abusive and manipulative behavior towards Harley Quinn is well-documented, but specific incidents of infidelity are not a major focus in their storyline.

Duration of Relationship

The duration of Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship varies across different comic series and adaptations. It typically spans several years but is characterized by frequent breakups and reunions.


Joker’s relationships with Harley Quinn and Punchline offer deep insights into his character. While Harley Quinn’s story is about finding her identity beyond the Joker, Punchline represents a new chapter in the Joker’s chaotic love life.

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FAQs about Joker’s Girlfriend
  1. What impact did Harley Quinn have on the Joker’s life?
    • Harley Quinn added complexity to the Joker’s character, highlighting his ability to manipulate and control.
  2. Who is Punchline, and how is she different from Harley Quinn?
    • Punchline is the Joker’s new protégé and lover, characterized by her ruthless and unemotional demeanor, contrasting Harley Quinn’s more chaotic and emotive nature.
  3. Has Harley Quinn moved on from the Joker?
    • In recent storylines, Harley Quinn has become more independent, often distancing herself from the Joker and forging her path.
  4. What are the defining traits of Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship?
    • Their relationship is defined by its dysfunctional nature, with themes of obsession, manipulation, and abuse.
  5. How has Harley Quinn’s character evolved over time?
    • Initially depicted as a villain, Harley Quinn’s character has evolved into an antihero, gaining independence and a more complex moral compass.

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