Eli Manning Wife: Getting to Know Abby Mcgrew

Eli Manning Wife

Abby McGrew, widely recognized as the wife of former NFL star Eli Manning, has maintained a notable presence both in her personal life and through various philanthropic efforts. Despite being married to a public figure, Abby has crafted her own identity, balancing family life and charitable work with grace and commitment.

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Who is Abby McGrew?

Abby McGrew, born in Nashville, Tennessee, emerged into the public eye primarily through her marriage to Eli Manning. However, her identity extends beyond just being a celebrity spouse. She is a mother, a philanthropist, and a professional in her own right, with a background in fashion design and a strong commitment to charitable causes.

How old is Abby McGrew?

Abby McGrew was born on January 1, 1984, making her [age as of current year]. Her youth and vibrancy have been a cornerstone of her public image, often reflected in her fashion choices and active involvement in family and charity events.

Education and Career

Graduating from the University of Mississippi in 2005 with a degree in family and consumer sciences, Abby McGrew has a profound connection to her alma mater. After her studies, she ventured into the world of fashion design, showcasing her creative talents before shifting her focus to family and philanthropy.

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Eli Manning’s Wife?

Abby McGrew married Eli Manning on April 19, 2008, in Los Cabos, Mexico. As Eli Manning’s wife, she has been a constant figure by his side, both during his illustrious career with the New York Giants and in his retirement. She’s known for her supportive nature and her role as the cornerstone of their family.

How did Eli Manning and Abby McGrew meet?

Eli Manning and Abby McGrew’s love story began in college at the University of Mississippi. Their relationship blossomed over the years, withstanding the pressures of Manning’s rising football career and the scrutiny of public life, demonstrating the strength and depth of their bond.

When did Eli Manning and Abby McGrew get married?

The couple tied the knot on April 19, 2008, in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends in Los Cabos, Mexico. Their wedding was a blend of elegance and intimacy, reflecting their personal style and deep connection.

Do Eli Manning and Abby McGrew have kids?

Together, Eli Manning and Abby McGrew have welcomed four children, creating a loving and nurturing family environment. Their children have occasionally been in the limelight, but the couple has strived to provide them with a normal, grounded upbringing.

Did Eli Manning cheat on Abby McGrew?

There are no public records or credible reports of Eli Manning cheating on Abby McGrew. Their relationship has been portrayed as strong and stable, with both partners showing mutual respect and affection publicly.

How long have Eli Manning and Abby McGrew been married?

As of [current year], Eli Manning and Abby McGrew have been married for [calculate years since 2008], a testament to their enduring partnership and mutual support through various phases of life and career challenges.


Abby McGrew, though widely recognized as Eli Manning’s wife, is a remarkable individual in her own right. Her journey alongside Manning, her contributions to philanthropy, and her role as a mother and professional demonstrate her multifaceted personality and commitment to her family and community.

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FAQs about Eli Manning’s Wife
  1. What is Abby McGrew’s background? Abby hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and has a degree in family and consumer sciences from the University of Mississippi.
  2. What does Abby McGrew do professionally? She initially worked in fashion design before focusing on her family and philanthropic efforts.
  3. How did Abby and Eli Manning meet? They met while attending the University of Mississippi and started dating during their college years.
  4. What charitable works is Abby McGrew known for? She, along with Eli, has been involved in numerous charitable endeavors, including significant donations to their alma mater and children’s healthcare.
  5. What is the nature of Abby and Eli’s relationship? The couple’s relationship is widely perceived as loving and supportive, with a strong foundation built over years of companionship.

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