Guy Fieri Worth $70m Declares His Children Will Not Inherit Wealth

Guy Fieri Worth $70m Declares His Children Will Not Inherit Wealth

Guy Fieri Worth $70m Declares His Children Will Not Inherit Wealth, Emphasizes Self-Sufficiency

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri, known for his dynamic presence on Food Network and a net worth of $70 million, has taken a firm stance regarding his wealth and his children’s future. Fieri, who rose to fame after winning “Next Food Network Star” in 2006, leading to his own series and the iconic show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” has declared that his children will not inherit his fortune.

Speaking to Fox News, the 55-year-old chef emphasized his belief in self-sufficiency, echoing the sentiment his father once shared with him. Fieri told his sons, “When I die, you can expect that I’m going to die broke, and you’re going to be paying for the funeral.” He further added that his wealth-building efforts would not directly benefit his children unless they earned their share.

Fieri wants his children to be well-educated and independent. His youngest son, Ryder, who is currently a high school senior, expressed concern about his father’s expectations, questioning the push for an MBA before even completing college. Fieri mentioned that he was inspired by basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s approach to parenting, emphasizing the importance of postgraduate education for his kids.

His oldest son, Hunter, is currently pursuing a master’s degree while working with his father. Fieri expressed high hopes for Hunter’s future success. Additionally, Fieri and his wife, Lori, took guardianship of their nephew, Jules, after his mother’s passing in 2011. Jules is currently pursuing a music career alongside his law studies in Southern California.

This philosophy of self-reliance is not new for Fieri. In a previous interview with People, he shared that he required his children to drive an older car for a year without any tickets or accidents before considering a newer model. This approach reflects Fieri’s belief in hard work and personal responsibility, ensuring his children are well-prepared for the challenges of life.

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