David Arnold Wife: Composing a Life with Julie Harkness

David Arnold Wife

Julie Harkness, the wife of renowned musician and composer David Arnold, shares a harmonious life filled with creativity and love. This article explores the journey of Julie, her personal achievements, and her life with David Arnold, offering a glimpse into their harmonious partnership.

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Who is David Arnold’s Wife?

Julie Harkness is best known as the wife of David Arnold, the acclaimed composer. Beyond her identity as Arnold’s spouse, she is a versatile artist in her own right, shining in her roles as an actress and host.

How old is David Arnold’s Wife?

Born on November 2, 1966, Julie Harkness is currently 56 years old. Her experiences throughout these years reflect a life rich in artistic endeavors and personal growth.


Julie Harkness graduated from Point Park University, where she honed her skills and knowledge in the arts, laying the foundation for her diverse career in the entertainment industry.


Julie Harkness is a multi-talented American actress and host, known for her role as an On-Air Reporter for “Made in Hollywood.” Her career also includes significant work in dancing, notably with the Radio City Rockettes.

David Arnold Wife

As the wife of David Arnold, Julie Harkness shares a life deeply embedded in the world of arts and entertainment. Her partnership with Arnold goes beyond the conventional, marked by mutual respect and shared creative passions.

How did they meet?

Details about how Julie Harkness and David Arnold met are not publicly known, but their shared interests in the arts suggest a deep, mutual connection from the beginning.

When did they get married?

Julie Harkness and David Arnold got married on July 12, 2003. Their marriage signifies two decades of companionship and shared life experiences.

Do they have kids?

Julie and David share two daughters, Anna-Grace Arnold and Ashlyn Arnold, reflecting their commitment to family alongside their professional lives.

How long have they been married?

As of 2023, Julie Harkness and David Arnold have been married for nearly 20 years, marking a significant milestone in their life together.

What made her husband famous?

David Arnold is famous for his work as a composer and conductor, with a rich portfolio that includes composing music for more than 60 films and TV shows. His notable work includes the scores for several James Bond films.

What is she known for?

Julie Harkness is known for her work as an actress, host, and former Radio City Rockette. Her versatile talents have made her a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Is she humble?

Julie Harkness’s dedication to her family and her low-profile lifestyle despite her and her husband’s success in the entertainment industry suggests a level of humility and groundedness.


Julie Harkness’s life with David Arnold exemplifies a beautiful blend of artistic passion, family values, and enduring partnership. Their story is a testament to the power of love, creativity, and mutual support in a relationship.

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FAQs about Julie Harkness
  1. Who is Julie Harkness?
    • Julie is a talented American artist known for her work in acting, hosting, and dancing.
  2. What is Julie Harkness’s educational background?
    • She is a graduate of Point Park University, with a focus on the arts.
  3. How did Julie Harkness contribute to the arts?
    • Julie worked as a Radio City Rockette and appeared in various TV shows and films.
  4. What is Julie Harkness’s role in her family?
    • She is a devoted wife and mother, balancing her family life with her artistic career.
  5. What are some of Julie Harkness’s notable achievements?
    • Her achievements include her significant work as a Rockette, her roles in TV and film, and her hosting work for “Made in Hollywood.”

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