Billie Eilish Loses Followers on Instagram After Openly Discussing Her Sexuality

Billie Eilish Loses Followers on Instagram After Openly Discussing Her Sexuality

American singer Billie Eilish has experienced a significant loss of Instagram followers following her recent public comments about her sexuality. The 21-year-old artist, known for her unique musical style and candidness, confirmed her attraction to both men and women at Variety’s Hitmakers event on December 2nd.

Following her confirmation, Eilish saw a noticeable decrease in her Instagram following. She lost almost 10,000 followers on the day of the event, followed by a further decline of 75,000 the next day, and nearly 50,000 additional followers by Monday.

Eilish initially spoke about her attraction to women in a Variety interview. She expanded on this during the red carpet event, expressing surprise that people were not already aware of her sexuality. In a separate Instagram post, Eilish addressed the situation with a mix of sarcasm and frustration, criticizing the focus on her personal life over her artistic achievements.

On the red carpet, Eilish questioned the necessity of ‘coming out’ in today’s society, advocating for a world where individuals can simply exist without having to label their sexual orientations.

Despite the significant loss of followers, which totaled over 200,000 in just 30 days, Eilish remains a major influencer on the platform. She still boasts over 110 million followers, ranking her among the top 40 Instagram users in terms of follower count. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by public figures in balancing personal disclosures with public perceptions.

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