Rowan Atkinson Net Worth: The Riches of Mr. Bean Revealed

Rowan Atkinson Net Worth

Rowan Atkinson, renowned globally for his character ‘Mr. Bean’, is not just a master of comedy but also a figure of significant wealth. His journey from a skilled actor to an entertainment icon has been marked by not only fame but also substantial financial success.

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Who is Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson is a celebrated British actor, comedian, and screenwriter, best known for his role as the beloved character Mr. Bean. His unique brand of physical comedy and his ability to evoke laughter without speaking have made him one of the most popular comedians in the world.

How old is Rowan Atkinson?

Born on January 6, 1955, Rowan Atkinson is 68 years old. His age reflects his long-standing presence in the entertainment industry, where he has enjoyed decades of success.


Atkinson pursued electrical engineering at Newcastle University and later completed his MSc at The Queen’s College, Oxford. His time at Oxford marked the start of his journey in acting, as he became actively involved in sketch comedy.


Rowan Atkinson’s career spans television, theater, and film. He first gained attention with his radio show, “The Atkinson People”, and his television sketch show, “Not the Nine O’Clock News”. His most famous work, however, is as Mr. Bean, a character that has become a cultural icon.

Rowan Atkinson Net Worth

Rowan Atkinson’s net worth is estimated to be around $150 million. This wealth is largely attributed to his successful acting career, particularly his role as Mr. Bean, and his involvement in profitable film projects and theatrical productions.

How rich is Mr. Bean in the show?

In the Mr. Bean show, the character’s wealth is never explicitly stated. However, Rowan Atkinson’s portrayal of the character has certainly contributed significantly to his real-life wealth.

Why is Rowan Atkinson so rich?

Rowan Atkinson’s wealth can be attributed to the immense success of his films, particularly the Mr. Bean series, which grossed hundreds of millions worldwide. His roles in other successful projects and his ventures outside acting, including car collecting, have also contributed to his fortune.

How successful is Mr. Bean?

The Mr. Bean character is a global phenomenon, transcending language and cultural barriers. The television series, films, and animated adaptations have enjoyed international success, making Mr. Bean a beloved character worldwide.

What is Rowan Atkinson’s religion?

Rowan Atkinson was brought up in an Anglican household. His religious views as an adult, however, are not extensively publicized.

How does Mr Bean earn a living?

In the Mr. Bean series, his profession and means of earning a living are never explicitly mentioned. The show focuses more on his humorous escapades and interactions with the world around him.

Why is Mr Bean so special?

Mr. Bean is special because of his universal appeal. Rowan Atkinson’s portrayal of the character, relying on physical comedy and facial expressions rather than dialogue, has made Mr. Bean a unique and beloved figure in comedy across the world.


Rowan Atkinson’s net worth of $150 million is a testament to his extraordinary career in comedy and acting. His creation of Mr. Bean has not only brought joy to audiences globally but also amassed considerable wealth, cementing his status as a comedy legend.

FAQs about Rowan Atkinson
  1. What are some of Rowan Atkinson’s notable roles aside from Mr. Bean? Aside from Mr. Bean, Atkinson is known for his roles in “Blackadder,” “Johnny English,” and “The Lion King.”
  2. Has Rowan Atkinson won any awards for his acting? Yes, Atkinson has received several awards and nominations for his performances, including a BAFTA for “Blackadder.”
  3. Is Rowan Atkinson involved in any charitable work? Atkinson has been involved in various charitable initiatives, including supporting organizations for disaster relief and children’s welfare.
  4. What are Rowan Atkinson’s interests outside of acting? He is an avid car enthusiast, known for his collection of luxury sports cars and participation in racing events.
  5. How has Rowan Atkinson’s character Mr. Bean impacted popular culture? Mr. Bean has become a cultural icon, known for his unique style of comedy that resonates with audiences of all ages around the world.

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