Raphael Varane: A Potential Departure from Manchester United in 2024

Raphael Varane

Manchester United’s Raphael Varane, a prominent figure in the team’s defense, is reportedly contemplating a move away from Old Trafford, potentially in 2024. This development follows his reduced role in the team’s lineup under manager Erik Ten Hag.

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Varane’s Current Standing at Manchester United

Varane’s participation in the 2023-24 season has been limited, with only four starts in the first 12 Premier League matches. His contract, expiring at the end of next season, suggests that his tenure with the Red Devils might conclude soon, possibly as early as the upcoming transfer windows​​.

Interest from Other Clubs and Varane’s Preferences

While Bayern Munich has shown interest in Varane, it’s reported that he is more inclined towards playing in Serie A, a league celebrated for its defensive play. Varane, however, may have to wait until the summer transfer window, as Manchester United is likely to oppose a mid-season departure​​.

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Manchester United’s Position

Manager Erik Ten Hag, keen on maintaining a strong squad for the ongoing season, especially with the team’s aspirations to qualify for the Champions League, is likely to hold off on any major changes until the summer of 2024. By this time, Varane will be 31 years old, and the club is expected to be open to offers for him during that transfer window​​.

Varane’s Career and Prospects in Serie A

Having retired from international duty in February, Varane, a former Real Madrid player, has yet to experience playing in Serie A. His potential move there would place him among other notable French players in the league. Despite facing some physical issues recently, his experience, including 75 appearances and two goals for Manchester United since his 2021 transfer, makes him a valuable asset. The next phase of his career is likely to commence in the 2024-25 season​​.

The potential move of Raphael Varane from Manchester United marks a significant shift in his career, indicating a new chapter and possibly new challenges in one of Europe’s top leagues.

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