Ligi Kuu Bara 2023/2024 Table & Standings

Ligi Kuu Bara 2023/2024 Table & Standings

Ligi kuu Bara 2023/2024 Table & Standings: The Tanzanian Premier League, also known as the Tanzanian Premier League in English, stands as the pinnacle of competitive football in Tanzania. This prestigious league is under the jurisdiction of the Tanzanian Football Federation (TFF).

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Its inception dates back to 1965 when it was originally known as the “National League.” Over the years, the league underwent name transformations, first becoming the “First Division League” and subsequently adopting the name “Major League” in 1997.

Ligi kuu Bara 2023/2024 Table & Standings
2023-2024 Season clubs

The 2023-2024 season of the Tanzanian Premier League features the following clubs:

  1. Geita Gold
  2. Simba
  3. Yanga
  4. KMC
  5. Azam
  6. Mashujaa
  7. JKT Tanzania
  8. Ihefu
  9. Dodoma
  10. Singida FC
  11. Tanzania Prisons
  12. Coastal Union
  13. Namungo
  14. Mtibwa Sugar
  15. Kagera Sugar
  16. Kitayosce

These clubs will compete in the Tanzanian Premier League, which is located in Tanzania.

For the champions of this season, please refer to the official league standings and results at the end of the season.

Ligi kuu Bara Champions

Here’s a table showcasing the champions and their respective number of wins:

Simba (includes Sunderland)22
Maji Maji3
Pan African1
Mseto Sports1
Coastal Union1
Ligi kuu Bara History

The league’s origins trace back to 1921 in Dar es Salaam, initially with six teams. By the 1930s, it embraced street teams, like Arab Sports (Kariakoo) and New Strong Team (Kisutu), blending Arab and African talents. The Sudanese community introduced a team in 1941, alongside Sikh-exclusive Khalsas and Ilala Staff, comprising Ilala residents. Post-World War II, European players exited, leading clubs like Gymkhana Club, Police Club, King’s African Rifles, and Railways to withdraw, making room for African street teams like Young Africans (Yanga) and Sunderland (formerly Old Boys, later Simba), plus Goan’s Club, manned by Goans, and Agha Khan Club, featuring Ismaili Khojas.

Yanga and Sunderland emerged as Dar es Salaam’s foremost clubs. Yanga, founded in 1938, quickly entered the first division, securing four major cups in 1942. Sunderland followed suit, joining the first division and securing four significant trophies in 1946.

In 1955, the league boasted 38 registered clubs. It evolved into the “National League” by 1965, incorporating most major Tanzanian teams, later becoming the “First Division Soccer League,” and eventually the “Premier League” in 1997. Tanzania Breweries sponsored it, leading to the Tanzania Breweries League (TBL) name, until 2001 when a conflict with the Tanzania Football Association ended the partnership. In 2002, Vodacom took over sponsorship, renewing it in 2009.

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