Unseen Photo of Karim Benzema’s finger behind his signature bandage

Unseen Photo of Karim Benzema's finger behind his signature bandage

Karim Benzema appeared at the 66th edition of the Ballon d’Or awards without his signature bandage on Monday, October 17.

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Benzema picked up the prestigious gong wearing a black tuxedo over a banded collar shirt, reminiscent of the outfit worn by Tupac Shakur at the 1996 American Music Awards – but without his ‘lucky charm’ bandage.

Looking dapper on the stage, the Real Madrid frontman thanked all his teammates and those who had helped him on his way to his ‘dream.’

However, the conspicuous absence of his signature bandage gave viewers a rare glance at his right hand, something most football fans have not seen since the 34-year-old broke his finger in 2019, as noted by Sport Bible.

Why Benzema wears a bandage

If you’ve watched Karim Benzema play in the past three years, it’s hard not to notice his bandaged right hand during games, as Sports Brief has reported.

The iconic bandaged hand has become synonymous with the player and takes center stage during his fist pump goal celebration.

Benzema’s bandages have become so iconic they even feature in the FIFA video games as well. While many have seen the striker’s hand bandaged during the game, not many know the actual reason.

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