Rema – HEIS Review — Showcasing a Rising Afrobeat Star

Rema - HEIS Review — Showcasing a Rising Afrobeat Star

Rema, the Nigerian singer-songwriter and rapper also known as Divine Ikubor, first captivated global audiences in his late teens with the infectious groove of “Dumebi.” Now at 24, Rema has firmly established his place in the music industry, boasting a series of Afrobeats hits, including the immensely popular “Calm Down,” which has achieved over a billion streams on Spotify and features a remix with Selena Gomez.

Rema’s second album, HEIS, builds on the innovative “Afrorave” sound introduced in his debut album, Rave & Roses (2022). This album serves as a declaration of Rema’s artistic vision and capabilities. Following some confusion over his theatrical performance at London’s O2 Arena, where Gothic-inspired visuals were misinterpreted, Rema clarified that these elements were tributes to the rich culture of Benin City, his hometown in southern Nigeria.

HEIS may appear spontaneous, but its production is meticulously polished. The opening track, “March Am,” is a testament to this, featuring sharp electronic riffs and dynamic percussion. Rema’s unique voice, with its blend of smooth and powerful tones, shines throughout the album. The lyrics, presented in Pidgin, Bini, Yoruba, and English, reflect Rema’s diverse cultural influences.

The album is a melting pot of various musical styles, including trap, house, pop, West African traditional music, Middle Eastern melodies, and cinematic soundtracks. This fusion highlights the expansive nature of Afrobeats and showcases Rema’s ability to innovate within the genre.

HEIS includes several notable tracks. “Hehehe” is a playful jab at Rema’s critics, while “Yayo” is an energizing dance track. “Benin Boys,” featuring fellow artist Shallipopi, celebrates their hometown with pride: “We be the pride of Benin / Oba sef suppose give us medal.”

These tracks, marked by confidence and creativity, offer a cohesiveness that elevates Rema’s musical journey. The title track, “HEIS,” is particularly compelling, featuring Rema’s bold vocals accompanied by a harmonious chorus and orchestral strings that evoke a cinematic feel. In HEIS, Rema cements his status as an artist with undeniable star quality.

HEIS is available under Mavin Records/Jonzing World.


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