Macaulay Culkin Net Worth: Hollywood’s Home Alone Hero

Macaulay Culkin Net Worth: Hollywood's Home Alone Hero
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Macaulay Culkin, born Macaulay Carson Culkin on August 26, 1980, is an American actor and musician. He gained fame as a child actor portraying Kevin McCallister in the first two Home Alone films (1990, and 1992). Culkin was a prominent child star in the 1990s, ranked 2nd on VH1’s “100 Greatest Kid-Stars” in 2005.

His accolades include an MTV Movie Award, a Young Artist Award, and a Golden Globe nomination. In 2023, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Currently, Culkin is the CEO of Bunny Ears, a satirical pop culture website and podcast.

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Macaulay Culkin’s Net Worth

Macaulay Culkin, with a net worth of $18 million, initially earned $100K for his role in the first Home Alone film, which catapulted him to fame and garnered him awards like Funniest Actor in a Motion Picture at the American Comedy Awards and a Golden Globe nomination.

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For Home Alone 2, his fee skyrocketed by 4400% to $4.5 million. Culkin then received a substantial $8 million for his role in Richie Rich, marking significant leaps in his earnings as a young actor.

Early life 

Macaulay Carson Culkin was born on August 26, 1980, in New York City. His parents are Christopher Cornelius “Kit” Culkin, a former stage actor, and Patricia Brentrup, originally from North Dakota. The family moved to New York City where they raised Macaulay and his six siblings: Shane (born 1976),

Dakota (1979–2008), Kieran (born 1982), Quinn (born 1984), Christian (born 1987), and Rory (born 1989). He also had a paternal half-sister, Jennifer (1970–2000), and his aunt is actress Bonnie Bedelia. Culkin, of part-Irish descent, was raised Roman Catholic and attended St. Joseph’s School of Yorkville before transferring to the Professional Children’s School.


Macaulay Culkin began his acting career at age four. He rose to fame with his iconic role as Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone films (1990, 1992). Culkin’s early career included roles in films like Uncle Buck (1989) and My Girl (1991).

After a hiatus, he returned with diverse roles in Party Monster (2003) and Saved! (2004). Culkin explored music with The Pizza Underground and later launched the comedy website Bunny Ears. Recently, he starred in American Horror Story: Double Feature (2021) and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2023.

Personal life

In a May 27, 2004, interview on Larry King Live, Macaulay Culkin discussed his career as a child actor, family conflicts, and his decision to retire from acting at 14 years old. Culkin married actress Rachel Miner in 1998 at age 18, but they divorced in 2002.

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He dated Mila Kunis from 2002 to 2011. Since 2013, Culkin has resided in Paris. He began a relationship with Brenda Song in 2018, and they welcomed their first child in April 2021 and their second child in December 2022.

How much did Joe Pesci get paid for Home Alone?

Joe Pesci earned $250,000 for his role in Goodfellas and saw his salary rise to $4.5 million for Home Alone. The latter film achieved tremendous commercial success, becoming the highest-grossing live-action comedy of its time.


Macaulay Culkin’s journey from child prodigy to mature artist is a testament to his talent, adaptability, and business acumen. While he may always be Kevin McCallister for many, his accomplishments extend far beyond the “Home Alone” franchise.

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FAQs about Macaulay Culkin’s Net Worth
  1. Who is Macaulay Culkin?
    An acclaimed actor best known for his role in “Home Alone”.
  2. What is Macaulay Culkin’s net worth?
    Culkin’s estimated net worth is around $18 million.
  3. Does Culkin receive royalties from “Home Alone”?
    No, he doesn’t earn ongoing royalties from the film.
  4. How did Culkin amass his wealth?
    Through acting, music, and his satirical website Bunny Ears.
  5. Why did Culkin retire from acting at 14?
    To experience a regular childhood and education.

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