Who is Linda De Sousa Abreu? Meet The Prison Officer Who Had S*x With Prisoner On Camera

Who is Linda De Sousa Abreu? Meet The Prison Officer Who Had S*x With Prisoner On Camera

Linda De Sousa Abreu, 29, is a former prison officer from the UK who was filmed having sex with an inmate at HMP Wandsworth. Beyond her prison duties, Linda leads a secret life as an OnlyFans model and swinger, often sharing explicit content under the pseudonyms “Linda from the Playroom” and “La Madre.”

She appeared on Channel 4’s show “Open House: The Great Sex Experiment” with her husband, where they participated in a 15-person orgy. Linda prides herself on authenticity in her online content, boasting about “never faking it.” After the explicit footage surfaced, Linda quit her job and was arrested for misconduct.

Prison Scandal and Secret Life

Linda De Sousa Abreu, a 29-year-old former UK prison officer, gained notoriety after being filmed having sex with an inmate at HMP Wandsworth. The explicit footage, filmed by another inmate, shows Linda in uniform during the act. Beyond her role as a prison officer, Linda leads a double life as a content creator on OnlyFans, where she shares explicit material under aliases such as “Linda from the Playroom” and “La Madre.”

OnlyFans and Public Persona

Linda’s OnlyFans account features her and her husband, offering subscribers a glimpse into their intimate life. She emphasizes authenticity, ensuring her content is genuine and unaltered. Her bio highlights her commitment to sharing real-life experiences and emotions, aiming to provide an authentic experience for her audience.

Channel 4 Appearance

Linda’s unconventional lifestyle extends to mainstream media. She and her husband appeared on Channel 4’s “Open House: The Great Sex Experiment,” a show exploring consensual non-monogamy. The couple participated in a 15-person orgy, reflecting their belief in dismantling monogamy as a social construct. Linda’s participation in the show and her outspoken views on open relationships have contributed to her controversial public image.

The ‘swinger’ joined a 15-person orgy on a racy Channel 4 documentaryCredit: Channel 4

Following the release of the explicit prison footage, Linda faced significant backlash. She resigned from her position as a prison officer and was arrested on charges of misconduct in public office. Her actions have sparked a broader conversation about the behavior of prison staff and the need for stricter regulations.

Public and Family Reactions

Linda’s sister, Andreina, expressed her disapproval of Linda’s choices, emphasizing the negative impact on their family. She revealed that Linda’s lifestyle and public actions had unforeseen consequences, affecting both their personal and professional lives. Despite the scandal, Linda remains unapologetic about her choices, continuing to engage with her online audience and promote her content.


Linda De Sousa Abreu’s story is a striking example of the clash between personal freedom and professional responsibility. Her double life as a prison officer and OnlyFans model has garnered significant media attention, raising questions about the boundaries of acceptable behavior in both personal and professional realms.

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