Kristin Cavallari Net Worth: Reality TV to Real Treasures

Kristin Cavallari Net Worth: Reality TV to Real Treasures
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Kristin Elizabeth Cavallari, born January 5, 1987, is an American television personality, fashion designer, and author. She gained fame in 2004 on MTV’s reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and its spin-off, The Hills.

Cavallari later starred in her own E! reality series, Very Cavallari, from 2018 to 2020. She has also appeared in films, including National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: Freshman Year. In 2017, Cavallari founded Uncommon James, a company that sells jewelry, homeware, skincare, and beauty products.

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Kristin Cavallari’s Net Worth

Kristin Cavallari has a net worth of $30 million. In 2014, Kristin and Jay Cutler paid $4.25 million for an 11,000-square-foot mansion in Lake Forest, Illinois, which they sold in 2017 for $3.6 million, incurring a nearly $600,000 loss.

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In 2012, they purchased a 20,000-square-foot mansion on 8.6 acres in Nashville, Tennessee, for $5.3 million. Initially listed for sale in June 2019 at $7.9 million, the price was reduced to $5.75 million and then to $4.95 million by May 2020.

Early life

Kristin Cavallari was born in Denver, Colorado, to Judith Eifrig and Dennis Cavallari. She was their second child, following her older brother Michael, who tragically passed away from hypothermia after a car crash in 2015. Kristin is of Italian heritage through her father and German heritage through her mother.

After her parents’ divorce, she moved with her mother to Barrington, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Kristin relocated to Laguna Beach, California, to live with her father and brother during her freshman year of high school. She graduated from Laguna Beach High School in 2005 and briefly attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles before dropping out to pursue an acting career.


Kristin Cavallari gained fame as a cast member on MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and its spin-off, The Hills. After high school, she briefly attended Loyola Marymount University before pursuing acting. She starred in several reality shows, including Very Cavallari, and competed on Dancing with the Stars.

In 2017, she founded Uncommon James, selling jewelry, homeware, and beauty products. Cavallari has written three New York Times bestselling books: Balancing in Heels, True Roots, and True Comfort. She launched the podcast Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari in 2023, focusing on relationship advice.

Personal life

In 2013, Kristin Cavallari married Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, and they lived in Chicago during his football career. The couple has three children. In 2017, they moved to Nashville after Cutler’s retirement, as he is a Vanderbilt University alumnus and they found it an ideal place to raise their family.

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Cutler filed for divorce in April 2020, finalized in 2022. Both remain in Tennessee, sharing custody of their children. In February 2024, Cavallari began dating TikTok content creator Mark Estes, attracting media attention due to their 13-year age difference.

Why is it called Uncommon James?

Kristin Cavallari named her jewelry line Uncommon James with personal significance. She explains, “My daughter Saylor’s middle name is James. It was also my brother’s middle name. I love the name James for a female, although it’s typically masculine, making it uncommon for a girl.”


Kristin Cavallari’s journey from a reality TV star to a successful entrepreneur showcases her adaptability, drive, and business acumen. With multiple ventures under her belt and a net worth reflecting her achievements, she remains an inspiration for many aspiring reality stars looking to transition into the business world.

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FAQs about Kristin Cavallari’s Net Worth
  1. How did Kristin Cavallari start her career?
    • She began as a reality TV star with “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”.
  2. What is Kristin Cavallari’s net worth as of 2023?
    • She has an estimated net worth of $30 million.
  3. What business does Kristin own?
    • Kristin is the founder and creative director of the jewelry brand “Uncommon James”.
  4. How did Kristin Cavallari amass her wealth?
    • Through her successful reality TV career, acting roles, endorsements, and her brand “Uncommon James”.
  5. Which show made Kristin Cavallari a household name?
    • “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” was her breakthrough show.

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