Jennette McCurdy Net Worth: From Nickelodeon to Net Worth Nirvana

Jennette McCurdy Net Worth: From Nickelodeon to Net Worth Nirvana
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Jennette McCurdy, born June 26, 1992, is an American writer, filmmaker, and former actress. She gained fame as Sam Puckett in Nickelodeon’s iCarly and its spin-off, Sam & Cat, earning four Kids’ Choice Awards. McCurdy appeared in series like Malcolm in the Middle, Zoey 101, and Victorious.

She released music, including the EPs Not That Far Away and Jennette McCurdy. In 2018, she quit acting to focus on writing and directing. Her memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, topped bestseller lists in 2022. She hosts the podcasts Empty Inside and Hard Feelings.

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What Is Jennette McCurdy’s Net Worth?

Jennette McCurdy, with a net worth of $3.5 million, sold her 2,600 square foot home in Los Angeles’ Studio City area for $995,000 in November 2016. She had purchased the property three years earlier for $905,000 and initially listed it for $1.4 million.

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Jennette McCurdy grew up in Garden Grove, California, in a modest household affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a faith she later left. Her mother, Debra McCurdy (née LaBeaf), homeschooled Jennette and her three older brothers amidst challenging circumstances.

Tragically, her mother battled cancer, leading to compulsive hoarding that overwhelmed their home. Jennette and her brothers slept on Costco gymnastic mats in cluttered rooms. Following her mother’s death, Jennette discovered that the man she believed to be her biological father was not genetically related to her.


Jennette McCurdy began her acting career at age eight on Mad TV and went on to appear in numerous TV series including CSI, Malcolm in the Middle, and iCarly, where she gained fame as Sam Puckett. She ventured into music with singles like “So Close” and released albums, but later shifted focus to writing and directing.

After starring in Sam & Cat and Netflix‘s Between, she retired from acting in 2018. McCurdy has since directed several short films and achieved acclaim with her 2022 memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, which topped The New York Times Best Seller list.

Personal life

In 2013, McCurdy dated basketball player Andre Drummond. In March 2019, she revealed her battle with anorexia and bulimia, starting at age 11, influenced by her mother and the entertainment industry.

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She sought help after a family member noticed her disorder, experiencing severe health issues like losing a tooth and passing out from dehydration. McCurdy stated that her eating disorder “robbed me of my joy.” As of 2022, she considers herself fully recovered. Additionally, she is a recovering alcoholic, having started drinking heavily before her mother’s death.

How much did Jennette McCurdy earn from iCarly?

Jennette earned an impressive $50,000 for each episode of “iCarly.” However, she chose not to participate in the 2021 reboot of the series. On her podcast, she elaborated on her decision, stating, “I stepped away from acting a while back, mainly because it wasn’t my passion from the outset.”


Jennette McCurdy, born June 26, 1992, has emerged as a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry, from her early fame as Sam Puckett in “iCarly” to her courageous transition into writing and directing.

Her journey, shaped by personal challenges including her mother’s illness and her own quest for creative fulfillment, culminated in the candid memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died,” resonating with audiences for its raw honesty and insights into fame’s toll. McCurdy‘s evolution reflects resilience, authenticity, and a commitment to storytelling that continues to captivate and inspire.

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FAQs about Jennette McCurdy Net Worth
  1. How does Jennette McCurdy make a living?
    • McCurdy is a writer/director known for exploring family dysfunction, childhood, and disillusionment.
  2. Is Jennette McCurdy a Millionaire?
    • Yes, Jennette McCurdy has a net worth of $3.5 million.
  3. How much has Jennette McCurdy’s book sold?
    • Her memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died” has sold over 2 million copies in the U.S.
  4. What is she best known for?
    • McCurdy is renowned for her role as Sam Puckett on “iCarly” and “Sam & Cat”.
  5. Has she received any awards?
    • Yes, McCurdy has won multiple awards, including Kids’ Choice Awards for “iCarly”.

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