The Wajesus Family – Amen

AUDIO The Wajesus Family - Amen MP3 DOWNLOAD

The Wajesus Family is a popular Kenyan YouTube channel and social media presence known for their engaging content centered around family life, humor, and Christian values. Comprising of Jesse and Milly, the couple shares their everyday experiences, challenges, and moments of joy with their audience. They have released a gospel song titled Amen. Enjoy!


The Wajesus Family – Amen,” released on January 8, 2024, is a song that celebrates faith and gratitude. Produced by Dominion Audio, the track reflects on the blessings and trials experienced by the Wajesus Family, a popular Kenyan YouTube family known for their inspirational content. The song emphasizes the power of prayer and the importance of staying steadfast in one’s beliefs amidst challenges. It resonates with their audience by conveying a message of hope and resilience through uplifting lyrics and a contemporary gospel sound.

listen to, “The Wajesus Family – Amen” below;

AUDIO The Wajesus Family – Amen MP3 DOWNLOAD


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