Lisper Wayua – Nitetee

AUDIO Lisper Wayua - Nitetee MP3 DOWNLOAD
AUDIO Lisper Wayua - Nitetee MP3 DOWNLOAD

Lisper Wayua is a Kenyan gospel artist known for her soulful and uplifting music. One of her popular songs is “Nitetee,” which translates to “Defend Me” in English. This song is a heartfelt prayer asking for God’s protection and intervention in times of trouble. It reflects themes of faith, trust, and reliance on divine help.

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Lisper Wayua’s music often incorporates traditional African rhythms and contemporary gospel sounds, creating a unique and engaging listening experience. Her powerful vocals and passionate delivery make her songs resonate deeply with her audience.

Listen to, “Lisper Wayua – Nitetee” below;

AUDIO Lisper Wayua – Nitetee MP3 DOWNLOAD


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