Karura Voices – Nimekubali

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Karura Voices is a renowned Kenyan choir group known for its vibrant performances and rich vocal harmonies. Founded with a mission to celebrate African culture through music, Karura Voices blends traditional Kenyan melodies with contemporary arrangements, creating a unique and captivating sound. They have released a gospel song titled Nimekubali.

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Nimekubali” by Karura Voices, released on October 23, 2023, is a gospel song that expresses acceptance and commitment to faith. Originally written and performed by Julius Fanta, this rendition by Karura Voices features a powerful arrangement by Treva Reighns and the band. The song was mixed and mastered by Dominick Khaemba and sponsored by the Karura Community Chapel. The song’s themes of spiritual devotion and worship are central, making it a meaningful and uplifting addition to their album “There is a Fire“​​.


Bwana Wewe Umeniita…Nimekubali
Nitumike Nyumbani Mwako…Nimekubali
Niwe Chombo kwa ajili yako…Nimekubali
Nifanyike Baraka kwa Watu Wako…Nimekubali

Kwa kijiti cha moto umeniita….nikakubali
Ukasema nivue viatu vyangu…. Nikakubali
Ukasema niongoze taifa lako…nikakubali
Niwatoe misiri kwa Farao…nikakubali

Listen to, “Karura Voices – Nimekubali” below;

AUDIO Karura Voices – Nimekubali MP3 DOWNLOAD


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