Kanjii Mbugua Ft Pambio Worship – Kama Si We

AUDIO Kanjii Mbugua Ft Pambio Worship - Kama Si We MP3 DOWNLOAD

Kanjii Mbugua is a renowned Kenyan gospel artist known for his impactful music and production skills. He is celebrated for his unique blend of contemporary gospel sounds that resonate deeply with audiences. Beyond his music, Mbugua is also recognized for his contributions to the African gospel music scene through collaborations and mentorship.

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“Kama Si We,” a collaboration between Kenyan gospel artist Kanjii Mbugua and Pambio Worship, was released on April 12, 2024. This inspiring song, produced by Kanjii Mbugua, Timi Dre, and Gideon Kimanzi, with mixing and mastering by Jake Brueckner, emphasizes gratitude and reliance on divine guidance. The lyrics reflect on the blessings and protection provided by God, expressing a heartfelt acknowledgment of His grace in navigating life’s challenges. The chorus, which repeatedly acknowledges God’s pivotal role in the singer’s life, resonates deeply with listeners, reinforcing the theme of divine intervention and thanksgiving.


Baraka zishuke kama chomba
Neema yake izidi kukuongoza
Usiji aibike
Dunia ikiku chokoza
Kumbuka yesu anaona
Uki feel unaogopa
Wacha akupiganie

Na Kama siwe baba
Ningekuwa wapi leo
Kama siwe baba
Nisegekuwa hapa leo
Naona ni we baba aaa
Najua ni we baba aaa

listen to “Kanjii Mbugua Ft Pambio Worship – Kama Si We” below

AUDIO Kanjii Mbugua Ft Pambio Worship – Kama Si We MP3 DOWNLOAD


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