Zari Hassan Declares Right to a Second Husband

Zari Hassan Declares Right to a Second Husband

Zari Hassan, the Ugandan businesswoman and social media personality, has stirred up conversation with a bold declaration about her marital rights. Currently married to Shakib Lutaaya for over two years, Zari asserted her entitlement to take a second husband if her current spouse continues to engage with other women.

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In the latest episode of the Shakib & Zari TV podcast, the couple discussed various aspects of their relationship, including the impact of social media stories and the challenges of managing a long-distance marriage. The conversation took an interesting turn when Zari asked Shakib if other women still hit on him, particularly in social settings. Shakib downplayed the interactions, but Zari was not convinced, citing instances of women messaging him on social media.

Zari’s comments took a more serious tone when she mentioned her legal right to marry another man if Shakib were unfaithful. She referenced a South African law that allows one to have two husbands, emphasizing that she would exercise this right if necessary. “If you find somebody else, I’m going to get a second husband. Not kill anyone,” she stated firmly.

Despite the physical distance between them, with Zari living in South Africa and Shakib in Uganda, their relationship has thrived through frequent travel and mutual understanding. However, Zari made it clear that she would not hesitate to marry another man if Shakib continued to engage with other women, underscoring her commitment to their relationship and her unwillingness to tolerate infidelity.

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