Young Lunya New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Young Lunya New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Young Lunya, a prominent figure in the Tanzanian hip-hop scene, has been making waves under the Rooftop Gang label. Known for his dynamic style and captivating lyrics, Young Lunya’s tracks have garnered significant popularity, with high streaming numbers and downloads on Citimuzik.

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Career and Style

As an artist signed with Rooftop Gang, a leading hip-hop record label in Tanzania, Young Lunya has established himself as a significant force in the music industry. His unique approach to hip-hop has resonated with fans across Tanzania and beyond, blending traditional elements with modern beats and flows.

Young Lunya New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024
  1. Young Lunya – Stupid Ft Khaligraph Jones
  2. Young Lunya – Freestyle Session 1
  3. Young Lunya – Freestyle Sessions 5
  4. Young Lunya – Simu
  5. Young Lunya – Fimbo (Prod. Paul Maker)
  6. Young Lunya – Vitu Vingi
  7. Young Lunya – Freestyle Session 4
  8. Young Lunya – TIKISA Ft. Country Boy (Prod. Ammy)
  9. Young Lunya – Freestyle session 3
  10. Young Lunya – Mbuzi (Prod. Paul Maker)
  11. Young Lunya – Season 3
  12. Young Lunya – Announcement Freestyle
  13. Young Lunya – FreeStyle Season Magufuli
  14. Young Lunya – Freestyle Session 2


Young Lunya’s music is known for its catchy hooks and insightful lyrics, appealing to a wide audience. Some of his popular songs include:

  • Fimbo
  • Mbuzi
  • Tikisa
  • Freestyle two

These tracks showcase his versatility as an artist and his ability to connect with listeners through music.

Streaming and Downloads

Fans of Young Lunya can easily access his music through Citimuzik, where his songs are a staple in the platform’s music playlists. The ease of streaming and downloading his MP3 singles and albums has contributed to his growing popularity. Citimuzik offers an excellent platform for fans to stay updated with all the latest releases from Young Lunya.

Staying Updated

To keep up with the latest tracks and news about Young Lunya, fans are encouraged to follow updates on Citimuzik. The platform not only provides access to his music but also offers information about the artist and upcoming projects.


Young Lunya’s impact on the Tanzanian music scene is undeniable. His commitment to the hip-hop genre and his ability to create relatable, engaging music make him a standout artist. As he continues to release new tracks and collaborate with other artists, his presence in the music industry is expected to grow even further. Stay tuned to Citimuzik for the latest in Young Lunya’s music journey.

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