Vera Sidika Throws Lavish Divorce Party to Celebrate End of Marriage with Brown Mauzo

Vera Sidika Throws Lavish Divorce Party to Celebrate End of Marriage with Brown Mauzo

Vera Sidika, social media influencer and businesswoman, has set a new trend in breakup celebrations by hosting a wild and extravagant divorce party. The event marked the end of her marriage to singer Brown Mauzo and was nothing short of spectacular.

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Sidika shared glimpses of the party on social media, proudly stating, “A divorce party is better than therapy.” The videos revealed a raucous celebration filled with music, dancing, and a vibrant atmosphere. Sidika’s theme for the night was “Ratchet,” and she fully embraced it, declaring, “Marriage is a scam 🚨 TRENDSETTER 😩.”

The guest list included cast members from “The Real Housewives of Nairobi” and several of Sidika’s close friends. The mood was jubilant as Sidika exclaimed, “Free like a bird, let’s get this party started. Marriage is a scam, you all!”

Despite her strong words, Sidika clarified that her views on marriage were personal opinions and not universal facts. “When I say marriage is a scam that’s my opinion and views on it. It’s not a fact. To some, marriage is beautiful, to me, marriage is a scam,” she explained.

She also took a moment to address what she sees as hypocrisy in Kenyan society, stating, “Kenya tunapenda usherati, but act holy when we see someone else openly living that life carefree. Not that we hate it. We just hate their guts. But do the same thing behind closed doors.”

The divorce party was a visual spectacle, with guests donning carnival costumes and enjoying an evening of unrestrained fun. The celebration featured an abundance of music, drinks, and lively entertainment, perfectly capturing the essence of Sidika’s bold statement on embracing freedom and moving forward.

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