Navy Kenzo New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Navy Kenzo New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Navy Kenzo, a top-selling music group in Tanzania, comprises the dynamic duo of Nahreel and Aika. They both embarked on their musical journey after completing their studies in India, only starting to create music together upon returning to Tanzania. With a flair for producing hits, Navy Kenzo’s songs have become online sensations, garnering extensive streams and downloads on Citimuzik.

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Career Highlights

Nahreel’s passion for music was ignited early on when his father gifted him a piano. During university breaks, he created beats that garnered significant attention. Despite this early success, he chose to complete his degree before fully diving into music.

He later established ‘The Industry Studios,’ managing artists like Diamond and Navy Kenzo. The formation of Navy Kenzo came about after Nahreel and Aika’s departure from ‘Pah One’ in 2013. Their rise to fame was meteoric, especially following the release of their hit single ‘Chelewa’. Since then, they’ve consistently released chart-topping tracks and performed globally.

The duo, also a couple, have been together for many years, preferring to keep their relationship status low-key. They are proud parents of two children, Gold and Jamaica.

  1. Navy Kenzo – Fly Away
  2. Navy Kenzo – Nisogelee
  3. Navy Kenzo – Manzese
  4. Navy Kenzo – Kamatia
  5. Navy Kenzo – Tonight
  6. Navy Kenzo – Sip N Whine
  7. Navy Kenzo – Pull up
  8. Navy Kenzo – Manzese (Choir)
  9. Navy Kenzo – Company
  10. Navy Kenzo – Madness
  11. Navy Kenzo – Corner
  12. Navy Kenzo – Too long
  13. Navy Kenzo – Ting
  14. Navy Kenzo – Don’t let Go



Navy Kenzo’s accolades include winning the Best Group/Duo Video in 2016 for their song “Kamatia”. Their collaboration with Mozambican hip-hop star Dama Do Bling on Coke Studio Season Africa 4 in 2011 was a notable milestone.

Navy Kenzo’s discography is a blend of vibrant rhythms and catchy melodies, contributing to their status as some of the highest-earning artists in Tanzania. Nahreel, apart from his role in the group, is the founder of The Industry Studios, while Aika doubles as the CEO of Gold Baby Products.


Some of Navy Kenzo’s popular songs include:

  • In
  • Kamatia
  • Why Now
  • Magical
  • Game
  • Nisogelee
  • Bajaj
  • When
  • Morning
  • Katika ft. Diamond Platnumz
Streaming and Download

Navy Kenzo’s music can be found on Citimuzik. Their songs, available in MP3 format, and single or album downloads, continue to captivate audiences, proving their lasting impact on the Tanzanian music scene.

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