Macvoice New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Macvoice New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024

Macvoice, a rising star in the Tanzanian Bongo Flava scene, continues to captivate audiences under the banner of Next Level Music (NLM). His tracks have consistently garnered attention, becoming a staple for music enthusiasts, especially with their high streaming and download rates on platforms like Citimuzik.

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Career Highlights

Macvoice’s journey in the music industry is noteworthy. Prior to his affiliation with NLM, he was an independent artist. During this phase, he collaborated with Chege, a veteran musician, on several hit tracks including ‘Utarudi’, ‘Mama J’, and ‘Damu ya Ujana’.

Macvoice’s music portfolio is diverse and engaging. Some of his popular songs include:

  • Nenda
  • Mama Mwenye Nyumba
  • Nampenda
  • Tamu
  • Bora Peke Yangu
  • Teamo
  • Mama J
  • Msokoto
Macvoice New Songs MP3 DOWNLOAD 2024
  1. Macvoice – Body
  2. Macvoice Ft Rayvanny – Muongeze (Prod. Sound Boy)
  3. Macvoice Ft. Kusah – Sikuachi
  4. Mac voice – Ukinichiti (Prod. Trone)
  5. Macvoice – Sara (Prod. Sound Boy)
  6. Macvoice – Te Amo


Breakthrough with NLM

The transition to Next Level Music marked a significant turn in Macvoice’s career. His debut extended playlist, “My Voice,” under NLM, made a splash in the music scene. This project features six captivating tracks and includes collaborations with notable artists such as Leon Lee and Rayvanny.

Staying Updated

Fans of Macvoice can follow Citimuzik for the latest updates on his songs and other related information.

Streaming and Downloads

For fans looking to immerse in the rhythmic and soulful world of Macvoice, Citimuzik offers a comprehensive collection of his work. You can search and enjoy streaming or downloading his singles, albums, and MP3 songs on the platform.

Macvoice, with his unique style and captivating music, continues to make waves in the Bongo Flava genre, and his presence on Citimuzik only amplifies his reach to a broader audience. Keep an ear out for more mesmerizing tunes from this talented artist in 2024 and beyond.

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